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The Mathematical Challenges of Earth-System and Weather Prediction
Lawrence Greening

AARMS / CMS Public Lecture Series: On the Mathematics of Planet Earth

In recognition of 2013 being internationally designated as the year for the Mathematics of Planet Earth, AARMS, in collaboration with the CMS will be presenting a series of public lectures in St. John's, Halifax and Fredericton.

Speaker: Dr. Gilbert Brunet (Head of Weather Science at the Met office, UK)
Title: The Mathematical Challenges of Earth-System and Weather Prediction
Date: Tuesday March 19, 2013
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation, Room IIC-2001, Memorial University, St. John's


At the dawn of this new century, significant applied mathematical challenges remain to be met before acceptable meteorological and Earth-system forecasts can be produced worldwide from urban to planetary scale and all relevant time scales.  This talk will present an historical perspective and outline some of the future challenges of ths multi-scale and seamless prediction problem.

Speaker Biography:

Dr. Gilbert Brunet obtained his PhD in meteorology at McGill University in 1989.  He is currently head of Weather Science at the Met Office, Exeter, on leave from Environment Canada where he was head of the Meteorological Research Division.

For more information, see the poster.

Mar 4th, 2013

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