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Graduate Seminar in Mathematics
Dwayne Hart

Graduate Seminar in Mathematics

Dr. Hari Kunduri,Memorial University

Friday,  January 25, 20132:00p.m., HH-3017

Einstein Manifolds and Black Hole horizons

Abstract: Einstein metrics have constant Ricci curvature and arisenaturally in Riemannian geometry as critical points of a naturalvariational problem on closed manifolds.  They also play animportant role in mathematical physics as solutions to the PDEsgoverning the gravitational field.  I will review all the relevantaspects of Riemannian geometry and discuss some recent workon the construction of Einstein metrics on sphere bundles.  I willalso explain how a similar set of geometries arise in the contextof the classification problem of black holes in general relativity.

Jan 23rd, 2013

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