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AAC International Workshop being held at Bonne Bay Marine Station this week
by Kerri Green
Bonne Bay Marine Station, Memorial University

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the current state of research in several interrelated areas of Modern Algebra. The first two workshops with the same title were held on the main campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) in St. John’s in 2001 and at Bonne Bay Marine Station of MUN in Gros Morne National Park in 2007 (visit the web site of Atlantic Algebra Centre at for full details).

The current workshop is organized by Atlantic Algebra Centre (AAC) affiliated to MUN and by Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences (AARMS). It will immediately follow the AARMS Summer School 2012, which will be held in St. John’s on July 16 – August 10 and will include the courses “Lie Theory” by Alberto Elduque and “Hopf Algebras and Applications” by Nicolas Andruskiewitsch and Leandro Vendramin.
The list of speakers of the International Workshop includes Alberto Elduque (Univeristy of Zaragoza, Spain), Leandro Vendramin (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Dmitri Nikshych (University of New Hampshire, USA), Georgia Benkart (University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA), Eric Jespers (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium), Amitai Regev (Weizmann Institute, Israel), and Said Sidki (University of Brasilia, Brazil).

The Marine Station of MUN is located in Norris Point, NL, surrounded by Gros Morne National Park, full of natural beauty.


For the details regarding the workshop please see our webpage.

Aug 14th, 2012

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