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List of scheduled graduate courses

Winter 2015:

  • Math-6111 -- Calculus on Manifolds
  • Math-6121 -- Functional Differential Equations
  • Math-6201 -- Numerical Methods for Partial Diff Equations
  • Math-6302 -- Fibre Bundles (Seminar) (CANCELLED)
  • Math-6310 -- Functional Analysis
  • Math-6320 -- Group Theory
  • Math-696B -- Graduate Seminar in Mathematics
  • Stat-6560 -- Continuous Multivariate Analysis
  • Stat-6564 -- Experimental Design
  • Stat-6573 -- Statistical Genetics
  • Stat-697B -- Graduate Seminar in Statistics

Disclaimer: This list is subject to modifications depending upon availability of resources and student enrollment. The final list should be found through the Memorial self-service website at the begining of the term.

Course Schedule: