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Calculus Placement Test (CPT)

1. General Information
2. Course Requirements
3. Registration
4. Sample
5. Options After the CPT
6. Results

General Information

For students who have completed high school Math 3208 or a similar calculus course (Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate Higher Level) the department administers a test of calculus skills called the Calculus Placement Test (CPT). It may be written only once by each student, normally in the spring or in the fall. Consult the department for exact times and locations.

The CPT is similar to a final exam for MATH 1000. If the student passes the CPT, then the student will be awarded credit for MATH 1000 and be eligible to register for MATH 1001. This is especially useful for prospective Engineering students because their first-year requirements are reduced from 11 to 10 courses.

If you are a student with a disability who requires an academic accommodation to write the CPT (e.g., large print or extended time), please contact the Glenn Roy Blundon Centre, Office of Student Affairs and Services, to discuss your request.

The use of a calculator is neither required nor permitted on the CPT.


Except for the writing of the CPT on the first Saturday in June, you register for the CPT as you would a regular course and you must register for the CPT before registering for MATH 1001. If you check the Course Offerings posted by the Office of the Registrar you will see the available times to write the CPT (listed as MATH 1CPT). Because the CPT is a single time event, it is necessary to "trick" the computer by setting it outside the regular limits of the semester. In any event, the details of time and place should be on your printed schedule.

For the CPT that is administered on the first Saturday in June, please visit the June CPT Registration website. The registration form will be active from about the middle of April to the middle of May (your guidance counselor will have details).


To assist you in preparing for the CPT, you may download the following PDF file:

Options After the CPT

If you do not obtain the required mark on the Calculus Placement Test and, consequently, do not receive credit for MATH 1000, you can register for MATH 1000 if you had a score of 75 or more in Math 3200 or 3205. If you did not obtain at least 75 in 3200 or 3205, you can qualify for MATH 1000 by scoring more than 75 on the MPT in September.


The results of the most recent session of the CPT are available here: