Allow a New Application to Access Your Account

Step 1. Go to on any computer (or device with an Internet connection).


Step 2. You will be presented with a Google account login like below: Enter your Memorial userID, followed by (e.g. and your password.

Click “Sign in


Step 3. You will see a Yellow message below the login box (see below).

This is normal, click “Continue”.


Step 4. You will be transferred to MUN Login, re-enter the same credentials that you provided above but this time do not include the “”. Click the “login” button.


Step 5. You will see a page that states “Allow a new application to access your account” like the screenshot below:

Click “continue


Step 6. You will now see a screen that says "Next step". Now you can configure your device (or re-try your previous device setup) within the next 10 minutes to authorize the device (or email client) to access your account.