To set up your Thunderbird client to work with MUNmail:

Step 1. Open Thunderbird.

Step 2. In the main display, click the "Create a new account

Alternatively, you can click on Tools menu, choose Account Settings... click on the Account Actions drop down at the bottom of the screen and choose Add Mail Account... like so:


Step 3. Enter the requested information:

  • Your name
  • MUN Login ID (license plate ID) followed by "" (e.g.
  • Your Memorial password

Click Continue

Configuration will automatically check common server names and pre-populate the incoming and outgoing servers.

The default outgoing server setting is fine, BUT as you have a MUNmail account, you will have to adjust the Incoming server setting in the next steps.


Step 4.  Click on the Manual config button shown on the above screen.

Change the Incoming server to

Please note: the Username field has reverted back to only include your MUN Login ID, so you will have to add the to the end of your MUN Login ID as shown.

Also ensure that the Port and SSL settings are as shown above.


Step 5. Click the Create Account button to complete the setup.


Congratulations! You're completed the configuration of MUNmail for Thunderbird.

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