Set up MUNmail

Below, find a number of how-tos to quickly set up features of MUNmail that you may find convenient!

  • Creating an email alias and setting your display name: To create an email alias for your Memorial email address just follow these steps. Also find out how to update or change your display name (the name that displays when others receive email from you)
  • Import old Webmail contacts: A quick and easy step-by-step guide on how to import your old Webmail contacts (or contacts from any client!) into MUNmail
  • Add a Forwarding Address to a MUNmail Account: You can forward your MUNmail account to any other email address that you own. Simply follow these steps.
  • Multiple Sign-on: Enable Multiple Sign-on to easily switch between MUNmail and your personal Gmail account!
  • Priority Inbox: Overwhelmed with the amount of email you get or just want to make it easy to identify what is important? Set up a Priority Inbox.
  • Organize your email with labels: Labels do the work of folders, plus you can add more than one to a single message. Give important emails brightly colored labels, and you'll be able to scan your inbox and quickly find the good stuff.
  • Forget to sign out of a public computer? Sign out remotely. If you sign into Gmail from multiple computers, but are worried you may have forgotten to sign out of one, you can sign out remotely. At the bottom of your inbox, you'll see information about the time and location of the last activity on your account. Click "Details" to see whether your account is still open in another location and "Sign out all other sessions" to close other open sessions. Learn more here.