Manage Your Account Settings

To create a "nice" or alternative Memorial email address, and to set this as your preferred email address in MUNmail, just follow these steps. If you would like to simply update your "Send as" name (the name that your email are sent from), you can skip to Part 2, step 3.


1. First, you have to create your "nice" email through the Profile channel in

Log into and select the "Home" tab (by default the "Home" tab is second from the left). 

You will see the "My Profile" channel as pictured below. Click on "Manage My E-mail Addresses".


2. Here you will see any email addresses (including aliases) associated with your account. To create a new one select from one of the choices provided in the drop down field, below pictured as "Please select..."


Note: You will also see 2 other options in the above channel. They provide the following functionality:

Lock icon: By clicking the "lock" next to any email address (and saving your selection) you will make that address "protected". This means that that address will only be able to receive email from Memorial email addresses.

Envelope with red check: You can select a "primary" email address that is associated with your Memorial account. You can change your primary address by making a selection with the associated radio button and saving your settings.



Now, log into your MUNmail account.

1. In the upper right hand corner, click on the gear icon, and click settings from the drop down menu.


2. Click the Accounts tab (3rd from the left) and you will be presented with a similar screen as pictured below. There are three main options that you can configure here that may be of interest to you:

a. Add another email address that you own
b. Make an email address your default
c. Edit the info of your email address (e.g. Display/send as name)

The steps to complete these features are outlined below.


a. After adding your "nice" email (or alternate email) through (Part 1 - above), you must add this email to your MUNmail account. Click on the Add another email address you own link, pictured above. This link will display a pop-up as below:

Enter your display name (the name that you would like other people to see when you send them an email), and the email address that you created in step 1. Check the "Treat as an alias" box. Click the Next step button.

You now have to verify the email address. Because your new selected email is an alias, the verification email will be sent to your MUNmail inbox. Click on the link provided in the email to finalize setup.


b. Make an email address your default

To make any of your MUNmail aliases your default, simply click the associated "make default" link in the "Settings" screenshot above. While all alias email addresses will be delivered to your account, this will set your chosen email to be the default for sending mail.


c. Change your display name

To change your display name, which is the name that will be included when others receive an email from you, you can click the edit info link next to any email address that is set up in MUNmail. The link will display a pop-up like so:

Simply choose to specify a display name by clicking on the second radio button and entering your desired name in the text field. Be sure to click Save Changes.


You can also specify a different "reply-to" for any address you own. By changing the reply-to, email sent from one address you own, can be automatically be sent back to another address when a user clicks "reply" to your message. To change the "reply-to" select the "Specify a different reply-to address" link and enter your desired "reply-to" in the text box provided. Click the "Save Changes" to complete setup.