What Students Say About MUNmail


The initial phase of the Google Apps for Education project started with a pilot, including approximately 160 Term 4 Commerce students from the Faculty of Business. The 16 week pilot helped us to determine if this service would work for us, and allowed us to gather feedback on the experience from the participants. A comprehensive survey was delivered to the pilot group after 12 weeks of use, and this yielded overwhelmingly positive results.

A snapshot of the survey results include:

  • 100% of students indicated that they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with Gmail (75% indicated "very satisfied")
  • 100% of students indicated that they were "satisfied" or "very satisfied" with Google Apps for Education overall (Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Chat, Sites - 76% indicated "very satisfied")
  • Based on the pilot experience, 96% of respondents indicated that they would recommend Google Apps to other Memorial Students (89% indicated "yes", 7% indicated "yes, with reservations")
  • 0% of respondents indicated a privacy concern
  • 87% of respondents "agree" or "somewhat agree" that Google Apps has the potential to enrich the learning experience at Memorial (67% of respondents indicated "agree")
  • 81% of respondents indicated that Google Apps for Education either "greatly enhanced" or "somewhat enhanced" their ability to effectively communicate (44% of respondents indicated "greatly enhanced")
  • 100% of students indicated that it was "easy" or "very easy" to learn how to use Gmail (75% indicated "very easy")