How Do I Sign Up?

The process to get your MUNmail account is easy. Watch the MUNmail opt-in video, or follow the easy steps below:


Step 1. Log into MUN's portal,

Step 2. Click on the MUNmail tab in the top menu MUNmail Tab

Step 3. You will be presented with the "Switch to MUNmail" channel and the MUNmail user consent form. If you agree to the terms, and want to move to MUNmail, click the "I Agree" checkbox and press the "Switch to MUNmail" button.


Step 4. After a few seconds you will you will see a confirmation screen, indicating that the process of activating your MUNmail account has started. You will also receive a message in your "old" student Webmail confirming that you have opted in.


IMPORTANT: Continue to use your "old" student Webmail until you receive a confirmation e-mail titled "Your MUNmail setup is now complete!". This process may take a little while, as all of your existing e-mail will be transferred to your new account.


Step 5. Once your MUNmail account setup is complete , you will receive an e-mail confirmation message to your "old" student Webmail account titled "Your MUNmail setup is now complete!". From this point on, all new e-mail will be delivered only to your MUNmail account.


Step 6. To check your MUNmail account, log into the portal ( and browse to the "MUNmail" tab. You will now see the MUNmail launchpad (as pictured below) where you can access mail and other MUNmail apps.

On your first login, please take a minute to check your mail and ensure that you have all of your messages. You can also setup MUNmail on your Smart Phone or other mobile device. You can find step-by-step instructions here.

Reminder: If you have previously set up your e-mail on your Smart Phone or other mobile device, you will have to update your settings.