Smart Phone and Mobile Device Setup

You can retrieve your MUNmail messages with a device or client that supports IMAP, like an iPhone, Blackberry, Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail. For SmartPhone setup, please follow the device specific instructions below. If you would like to set up a mail client, find those instructions here:


  • The below documentation pertains only to those users that have opted to use MUNmail.
  • If you have just recently opted to use MUNmail, before you can setup your device, you must wait until your existing e-mail messages have been transferred to MUNmail. You will receive an e-mail titled "Your MUNmail setup is now complete!". When you receive your confirmation you can proceed with the following setup.
  • If prompted for a username anywhere throughout the MUNmail setup, be sure to enter Your  MUN Login ID (you may know this as your license plate id) followed by (e.g.
  • If, after following one of the setup guides below, your device cannot access your email, you may need to specifically allow access to your account by that device. Just follow these quick instructions to do so.

Select a mobile device, or client, below to see specific configuration instructions:


If your device isn't listed here, we suggest that you try out the general instructions for all other devices: