Undergraduate Frequently Asked Questions

It is a student’s responsibility to be familiar with the regulations associated with their program of study, as outlined in the University Calendar.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has Degree Maps, for each of its majors. Degree maps are navigational tools, designed to help you make the right choices throughout your Bachelor of Arts degree. They cover information pertaining to your studies, provide study tips, career guidance, suggestions for involvement, advice on go abroad activities and on your wellbeing.The answers or links for most questions can be found there. For example you will find associated links and information on:

  • Important dates for each semester
  • What is involved in completing a Bachelor of Arts degree
  • How you can declare your intention to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree
  • How you can declare a major or minor program
  • How you can change your program of study
  • Who you can contact for academic advising
  • How you can obtain a program or degree audit
  • Experiential learning opportunities in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Support services that are available
  • Who to contact with questions
  • How to withdraw from the university

The Office of the Registrar maintains a FAQ web page where you can find answers and links for most questions related to the above topics. For example you will find information on:

  • Canada – Newfoundland & Labrador Student Financial Assistance Program
  • Why does the system tell me I am not eligible to register at this time?
  • I am not moving off the waitlist. Why?
  • Requesting a prerequisite waiver for a course
  • Requesting permission to register for additional credit hours (request a course load waiver)
  • Deferring an exam

While some courses can be completed online most Humanities and Social Sciences major/minor programs cannot be completed online. Students must check with the individual academic units to see if their program of choice can be completed online.

The University calendar states that a student completing a degree program in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences or in the Faculty of Science will normally follow the degree regulations in effect in the academic year in which the student first completes a course(s) at Memorial University of Newfoundland. However, the student may elect to follow subsequent regulations introduced during the student's tenure in a program.

In the case of departmental regulations for a major or minor, a student will normally follow regulations in effect in the academic year in which the student first completes a course in that subject at the 2000 level or above which may be applied to the major or minor program respectively. However, the student may elect to follow subsequent regulations introduced during the student's tenure in a program.

Individual student registration times are given in your Memorial Self-service account. To access this log into Memorial Self-service and:

  • Select the "Student Main Menu" tab on the top of the page.
  • Select "Registration" from the listing of options
  • Select "View Registration Times"
  • Select the appropriate semester from the drop down box and hit the submit button to view your scheduled registration time

You can search for courses with a specific attribute through your Memorial Self-service account. To do so:

  • Log into your Memorial Self-Service account
  • Select "Registration"
  • Select "Look-Up Course Offerings"
  • Select the semester for which you are inquiring about course availability
  • Select "Advanced Search"
  • Go to "Attribute Type" and select the particular attribute you wish to search i.e. Quantitative Reasoning, Language Study, Critical Reading & Writing etc.

The first thing you should do it go on the waitlist for the course. As long as students are not registered for the maximum allowed 15 credit hours per semester (fall, winter or spring) or 6 credit hours per session (intersession or summer session) waitlisted students will be added to a class as seats become available. The waitlist rollover typically happens at midnight. Waitlist numbers often determine if additional sections of a course will be offered.

If you still have not been added to the class, once the registration period has finished, you could email or go see the instructor and ask if they would be willing to sign you into the class.

A student who is prevented from completing the requirements of a course by illness, bereavement, or other acceptable cause, duly authenticated in writing, may drop a course without academic prejudice. See University calendar under General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate), section If you are dropping a course for medical reasons you should have your physician complete the Student Medical Certificate.

If you miss an evaluation item due to illness etc. check your course outline (syllabus). All course outlines should contain the instructor’s policy on missed evaluation items. If this information is not given in the course outline contact your instructor immediately.

A student has a right to see his or her final examination. However, the exam is the property of the University and the University retains full possession and control of it at all times. To access a final examination, a student must make a written request to the head of the academic unit in which a course is offered.

A student may also apply to have a final examination reread whether or not they obtained a passing grade in that course. A student who wishes to have a final examination reread must make application in writing to the Office of the Registrar within one month of the official release of grades by the University who will make every reasonable attempt to have the rereading conducted by a faculty member other than the original marker. Students are advised to refer to relevant academic units for policies and procedures governing re-reads of examinations. There is a fee associated with official re-read requests. This fee is non-refundable if there is no change in grade or if the grade is lowered.


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