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Conflict Management and Resolution

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Conflict Management and Resolution
Is conflict causing low morale, poor productivity and strained communications? Improve relationships by applying techniques that will manage disputes and reduce the cost of conflict.
Conflict Training, Conflict Management, Learn to manage conflict

Eliminate negativity and the impact of conflict in the workplace and move to a culture of co-operation and communication.

Conflict in the workplace is a leading cause of productivity loss, discipline problems, absenteeism, harassment complaints and low morale. Learn to deal effectively with conflict and increase your ability to resolve workplace conflict. Conflict Management and Resolution is an interactive seminar that teaches the skills required to manage disputes and disagreements in the workplace. The key focus is on managing the conflict dynamic so other skill sets (negotiation, coaching, counseling, performance management) can be more successfully applied.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding task related conflict and relational conflict
  • The different styles of handling conflict
  • The seven key skills of conflict resolution
  • Recognizing early warning signs of “no-win” conflict
  • Understanding the forces which drive individuals to engage in conflict
  • Finding agreement as a basis for working together 
  • Using verbal communication strategies to increase understanding of differences as a first step towards a more collaborative outcome
  • Recognizing the role of non-verbal (body) positioning as a means to changing the focus of negative interaction patterns
  • Using specific strategies to increase self-control, expand influence over a situation, and increase collaboration with the engaged person(s).

Past Participants Feedback:

-"Great for getting conversations going that otherwise were stagnant or lacking an initiation point."

-"Will definitely use this in the workplace!"

-"It was great to discuss with others and get perspectives, and learn new ways of working with others." 

Continuing Education Contact Hours: 7

 This is a module in the Influence, Negotiation, and Conflict Management Program.




For Individuals

  • Strengthen conflict management and resolution skills
  • Learn to separate personal and task related conflict
  • Learn solution based resolution techniques
  • Improve workplace environment

For Organizations

  • Introduce strategies to help manage conflict effectively
  • Strengthen management team skills
  • Foster strategies to use conflict in a positive way
  • Introduce techniques to help reduce absenteeism and turnover
  • Foster a cohesive work environment

Who Should Attend

Team leaders, managers, supervisors, and professionals.

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