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Computer Science Society - Teaching Excellence Award
Computer Science Department

The purpose of the Computer Science Society's Teaching Excellence Award is
for students to acknowledge the contributions of the esteemed educators of
our department.

This year, the undergraduate society has chosen Mark Hatcher as the recipient of this award.

Mark Hatcher has continually accommodated students' needs in all courses he
has taught.

He goes to great lengths to make sure his students learn the course content, making himself available outside of class, and providing timely and extensive feedback on evaluations.

He also provides excellent notes and other materials to his students, and
ensures they are kept up-to-date.

Because of Mark Hatcher's dedication to his profession, and his excellent
work done here, [we] would like to present him with this award on behalf of
the Computer Science Society, as well as a token of our appreciation.


Mar 28th, 2016

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