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Departmental Seminar Mar 22nd: Dr. Lourdes Peña-Castillo
Antonina Kolokolova

                                 Dr.  Lourdes Peña-Castillo                         

                         Department of Computer Science

                        Memorial University of Newfoundland

                  Bioinformatics: What is in it for Computer Science?

                           Department of Computer Science
          Thursday, March 22nd, 2012, 1:00 p.m., Room EN-2022


Bioinformatics is usually considered a data-driven area of computer science focused on the development and application of algorithms to answer fundamental questions in the life sciences. From the computer science perspective, Bioinformatics offers a tremendously challenging field to test computational methods typically associated with knowledge discovery. In this talk, after exploring the traditional view of Bioinformatics, I present an additional definition of bioinformatics as the study of information processing in biotic systems. This definition allows for a computational modelling of biological process which may led to more accurate biological models, which in turn can be used to improve or design algorithms.


Feb 13th, 2012

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