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Departmental Seminar Jan 12th: Jamie Goodyear
Antonina Kolokolova

                               Jamie Goodyear
                         Apache Committer and PMC

                              The Apache Way

                      Department of Computer Science
          Thursday, January 12, 2012, 1:00 p.m., Room EN-2022


Community over code is a concept taken to heart in the Apache development model. It is believed that by providing a collaborative environment for disparate people with overlapping needs that they will produce useful software. In this paradigm ideas such as Merit, Openness, Pragmatism, Charity, and Respect are commonly put forward as reasons for its success in growing communities and releasing software. In this talk, we introduce the Apache Software Foundation, and the concept of the Apache Way. Following this we perform a brief survey of recently published papers using Apache projects, then quickly discuss a variety of Apache projects that may be beneficial to students interested in pursuing scholarly research.

Jan 6th, 2012

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