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Departmental Seminar: Matthew Dominey
Paul Price

Matthew Dominey
Honours Presentation
Supervisor: Dr. Oscar Meruvia-Pastor

Implementing Parallax Simulation on a Depth Video Stream usinga Commercial Depth Camera

Department of Computer Science
Friday, December 9, 2011, 2:00 p.m., Room EN-2022 



Despite major advances in the resolution and clarity of camera technology in the past decade, 2Drepresentations of 3D scenes such as found in photographs, video, and computer generated graphicsappear to be somewhat unrealistic and flat. This is because even though these images represent 3Dobjects, they lack parallax. Parallax is the effect whereby the position or direction of an objectappears to differ when viewed from different positions. The Kinect is a commercial grade depthcamera which allows the creation of software which can capture scenes in 3D and perform skeletontracking, which could potentially be used to simulate parallax.In this talk we will explain the background and motivation of this problem, and outline the processby which we designed and built a prototype which utilizes the Kinect and implements 3D captureand parallax in a video chat type application. Finally we will discuss  the  advantages anddisadvantages of the prototype and future areas of research and development.

Dec 6th, 2011

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