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New course offerings in Computer Science
Wolfgang Banzhaf

The department of Computer Science will add two exciting new courses to its offerings beginning in winter 2015. A new first-year course COMP-1400 on the history of computer technology will be added to our program as a general course without prerequisites. A new second-year course on programming in C/C++, COMP-2510, will provide valuable insight into one of the most widely used computer languages of today.

From the outline of COMP-1400: Computers and the software that they run are an integral part of everyday life in the 21st century, both at work and at play. The objective of this course are to give an overview of how computing has developed over the last 75 years, in terms of the basic hardware and software technologies and how these technologies have both been perceived by and impacted society. ... The course will be organized chronologically by decade, and within each decade will examine the dominant computing developments, their image in various print and pictorial media and their social impact within that decade. The aim is give students an appreciation of the abilities and limitations of computer technology and how such technologies interact with society. Given the ubiquitous nature of computing in everyday life as well as the increasing number of reports in the news of computing-related calamities, the material in this course will give students of all disciplines the tools to understand how computing impacts them and what they can do to both embrace the potential and mitigate the risks of applying computing technologies in their lives. There are no prerequisites for this course.

From the outline of COMP-2510: This course gives a comprehensive treatment of the C/C++ programming languages. C++ is an object-oriented relative of C and one of the most widespread computer languages today. Especially in industry, it is one of the most sought-after skills. Many other computer languages and data processing techniques require previous exposure to C/C++. The course is intended for students with some first programming experience (such as COMP-1510, 1550, 1700, 1710 or ENGI-1020), but is open to students from different disciplines.

Oct 14th, 2014

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