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Seminar: Metadata Visualization of Scholarly Search Results
Paul Price

Taraneh Khazaei
M.Sc. Candidate
Supervisor: Dr. Orland Hoeber

Department of Computer Science
Monday, August 27, 2012, 1:00 p.m., Room EN 2022




Studies of online search behaviour have found that searchers often face difficulties formulating queries and exploring the search results sets. These shortcomings may be especially problematic in digital libraries since library searchers employ a wide variety of information-seeking methods (with varying degrees of support), and the corpus to be searched is often more complex than simple textual information. To address these problems, an interactive Web-based library search interface is presented, which has been designed to support strategic retrieval behaviour of library searchers. This system takes advantage of the rich metadata associated with academic documents and employs information visualization techniques to provide searchers with additional information-seeking tools. These tools are designed to facilitate visual and interactive query refinement, search results exploration, and citation navigation. User evaluations illustrate the potential benefits of the design
choices in comparison to current list-based digital library search interfaces.

Aug 27th, 2012

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