Campus Enforcement and Patrol

CEP is responsible for the safety and security of students, university employees, staff and university property. More about us.

For information about parking, visit us here.


Emergency: 864-4100
Non Emergency: 864-8561


From the Gazette

People walking on Memorial's St. John's campus

We have a plan

If there’s an emergency, know what the plan is

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Parking rate increases

Meter rates go up on the St. John’s campus

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Parked cars outside on Memorial's St. John's campus

Parking permit renewal

Changes to employee parking permits and renewal reminder

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Six CEP officers in uniform stand beside a CEP patrol vehicle

Training the ranks

Campus Enforcement and Patrol invests in campus safety

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Cameras and blue phones

CEP has 32 emergency phones on the St. John’s campus. The phones, located strategically to enhance public safety on campus, are distinctly marked with blue led and do not require dialing.

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