About CARE

This initiative brings together applied research economists who are located in Newfoundland and Labrador or in the Maritimes. Our objective is to promote applied economic research within the region with a view to promoting a greater understanding of our economies and any associated wider social impacts. In carrying out our research we seek to involve students who will improve their skills and hopefully their interests in carrying out further research in this area thus increasing our knowledge capital.



Labour Market Observer

LMO, February 2017, "Much Like The Weather, Unemployment Figures Harsh"
Author: Troy Osmond
Editor: Dr. Lynn Gambin

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Asymmetric Demand Shocks and Regional Labour Market Adjustments in Canada

"Asymmetric Demand Shocks and Regional Labour Market Adjustments in Canada", Author:  Michael Sullivan

Prepared for CARE initiative, Department of Economics, Memorial University of Newfoundland

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