Welcome to our website and to your exciting career in economics. If you have, or develop, a passion for economics, you are going to love your journey through the discipline. It will be exciting to see yourself acquire new skills that will enable you to better understand current affairs and to make meaningful contributions to important, real-world issues.

Economics, the scientific study of how societies use scarce resources to produce and distribute commodities, is a versatile and flexible discipline. The department has a strong focus on teaching and applied research. Students graduate with problem-solving skills needed to analyze how individuals (microeconomics) and governments (macroeconomics) can efficiently achieve their objectives, given their constraints.

You may ask: why should I study economics? Well, it’s fun, it’s interesting and it’s enlightening. It will provide you with marketable skills that should enhance your employability. By way of illustration, Statistics Canada recently released Frenette and Frank (2016) which showed that age-adjusted, mean earnings for individuals who were 25 to 54 year old and possessed economics undergraduate or graduate degrees were above the average of all university disciplines within Canada. In particular, for both genders, economics graduates were within the top 20 to 25% of the highest earnings disciplines within Canada.


New Muskrat Falls Oversight Committee Members Announced

The Department of Economics offers our congratulations to Dr. Jim Feehan on the appointment to the Muskrat Falls Project Oversight Committee.


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The David Curran Award

Congratulations to Petr Kocourek on receiving The David Curran Award! Petr is currently an undergratuate student, Majoring in Economics and Pure Mathematics, B.Sc. He also works with Dr. Fang's Jarislowsky Chair in Cultural and Economic Transformation as a Research Assistant. To read more about Petr click here Student Spotlight Petr was our featured Student in The Spotlight for the month of  November 2016.

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Graduate Supervision Award 2015-2016

Dr. Tony Fang, Department of Economics, Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Cultural and Economic Transformation, has received the Dean's Award for Graduate Supervision for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Teaching Excellence (Tenured) Award 2015-2016

Dr. Michael Wernerheim, Department of Economics, has received the Teaching Excellence (Tenured) Award for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Our Alumni, Who They are and What They are Doing

Graduates from our department have a multitude of career options. Some opt for graduate school and a life in academia. Others decide to hit the ground running in the industry of their choice. These can include careers in banking, investment, accountancy, government, NGO's, the actuarial field, and international development. While statistics on economics graduates indicate that economics undergraduates and graduates are in the top 20 and 25 percent of all disciplines and our graduates deal with multi-faceted and multi-dimensional issues that are important and interesting, the Department of Economics will help you understand more about economics through the words of our alumni.

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Student in The Spotlight

Troy Osmond, March 2017. I am currently in the fourth year of my Economics Major and Psychology Minor at Memorial University of Newfoundland. Throughout the three-and -a-half years that I have completed, I have been captivated, not only by the course material itself but by the incredibly friendly, open, and available staff at the Department of Economics.

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The History of the Department of Economics, Since 1967

Celebrating 50 Years of Economics at Memorial University: A Sampler of What We Do

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Series on Public Policy

Academics' Perspectives on Newfoundland and Labrador Public Policy

Panelist: Lisa Moore, Stephen Tomblin, Karen Stanbridge, Russell Williams, and Kelly Vodden
Moderator: Ted Blades, CBC
To view presentations, go to Department Events 

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