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Why Aquaculture @ Memorial?

Memorial University has led the development of the aquaculture industry in Newfoundland and Labrador. Aquaculture activity in the province has its origins at Memorial University's Marine Sciences Research Laboratory, the precursor of the Department of Ocean Sciences. Memorial's pioneering activity continues through aquaculture research at the Department of Ocean Sciences and the Marine Institute, Canada’s most comprehensive centre for education, training, applied research, and industrial support for the ocean industries.

Research activities involve the development of new species for aquaculture in the province. Faculty expertise exists in a wide range of scientific and practical areas, including feed development and analysis, marine larviculture, fish husbandry, commercial scale feeding trials, design of grow-out systems for fish and shellfish culture, optimizing shellfish farm production, international links and consultancy, bivalve larvae, and spat monitoring.

Description of program

  • MSc – The MSc Aquaculture is an interdisciplinary program designed to instruct students in research using principles from a wide range of disciplines. Research problems may include field and/or laboratory studies of one or more species of marine or freshwater flora and/or fauna. The program involves courses and a thesis, and can be completed in two years of full-time study.

Contact a faculty supervisor

Graduate applicants interested in research-based programs are strongly encouraged to contact a faculty supervisor at the time of application. Visit the Aquaculture program website for a list of faculty members, their research interests, and contact information. You may also use the Yaffle search engine to find a supervisor you may wish to work with.

Minimum admission requirements

  • MSc – Bachelor's degree (minimum second class honours) in an appropriate area of study or advanced diploma in sustainable aquaculture from Marine Institute (or equivalent)


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Program Information

Degrees Offered:





MSc: 2 years

Campus: St. John's

Application Deadline:

February 1 for Fall admission

April 1 for Winter admission


MSc: $18,000

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Tuition (Canadian students):

MSc: $632-$953/semester

Tuition (International students):

MSc: $822-$1,239/semester

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