After you apply

1. After the application is received by the School of Graduate Studies (SGS)

Once a graduate application is processed, copies of all documents are immediately made and sent to the academic unit for consideration. An email is then sent to you, the applicant, acknowledging receipt of your application and advising you of the opportunity to check your status online.

Each academic unit has its own method of assessing applications. For graduate programs with application deadlines, it is normal for applications to be considered only after those deadlines have passed. Programs that have a rolling admission policy may act on applications as they are received. Some research programs will require you to identify a supervisor and will not recommend admission without a supervisor in place. Some programs may reach decisions on incomplete applications, while others will not evaluate a file without all required documents submitted. For more details, you are advised to contact the academic unit responsible for the program you have applied to.

2. Checking your application status

Individuals who have submitted applications online may check their status by going back to the web application site and signing in under the previously selected login ID and PIN (this information will also be sent to you in an email). Current or former Memorial students who applied online through Self-Service may also check their status through Self-Service. Check the status of your application now.

Applicants who mailed in their application packages will not have access to online status updates. Normally, decisions are reached 1-2 months after a deadline has passed, but this may vary from program to program.

3. Deferring or withdrawing your application

Upon submitting your application, you may defer it to another semester as long as a decision has not been made by the academic unit. You may consider deferring your application if you will not be able to commence graduate studies in the semester you applied for. If you wish to consider this option, you are advised to first consult the academic unit to which you applied to ensure your application may still be considered to the semester being deferred to. All requests for deferrals should be made to SGS.

If at any time you wish to withdraw your application from consideration, you may make the request to withdraw by contacting SGS. Please note that application fees cannot be refunded for withdrawn applications.

4. After a recommendation for admission (full and conditional admission)

Once an academic unit has made a decision on an application file, a formal recommendation is sent to SGS. Applications recommended for admission will be reviewed by SGS to ensure University regulations are met. Applicants with complete files and approved by SGS will be sent an admission letter by email. Students will also receive a Program of Study form which will include, among other information, their supervisory committee members, program courses, and value of funding package (if applicable).

Fully admitted students will be asked to fully complete and return the Accept/Decline form to our office immediately. Some academic units may place a deadline for these Accept/Decline forms. You are advised to refer to your admission letter or contact the appropriate unit to determine if a deadline applies. Fully admitted students will be able to register at the onset of each registration period.

Applicants with incomplete files and approved by SGS will be sent a conditional admission letter by email. Such conditions may include official transcripts, confirmation of degree, or official score reports for TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, etc. Conditionally admitted students are not able to register until all conditions of admission have been met. When submitting required documents in fulfillment of admission conditions to SGS, students are advised to note their full name and student number to ensure their documents are matched properly with their files.

In some cases, students are offered conditional admission pending the completion of some Memorial University courses (e.g. prerequisites). In such cases, students are advised to follow the instructions for admissions subject to completion of qualifying year

5. Deferring your admission

If you receive full or conditional admission to a graduate program at Memorial but are unable to arrive or submit required documents in time for the start of the entry semester, you may wish to defer your admission to a later semester. All requests for deferrals must be made to and approved by the academic unit applied to. If approved, the academic unit will forward a revised Program of Study form to SGS, which will be sent with a deferred admission letter (by email) to the admitted student. Fully admitted students will be asked to complete and submit another Accept/Decline form to SGS at that time.

6. Admission to two concurrent programs

Applicants who apply for and receive admission to two graduate programs will be required to decline one offer of admission in writing to SGS. Applicants currently registered in a graduate program and will be asked to do one of the following by the commencement date of their new program: withdraw from their current program, complete their current program, or request the Dean (with a letter of support from all applicable academic unit heads) for permission to be registered in two programs at once.

In exceptional cases where students are approved to be registered in two programs concurrently, and completion of one program is a condition for admission to another (e.g., near completion of a master’s program and newly commencing a PhD program in the same field), their admission letters will require as a condition of continuance completion of the initial program by a set date.

7. After a recommendation for non-admission

Applicants who are not recommended for admission will receive a letter by email from SGS notifying them of their status as well as a Graduate Application Not Accepted for Admission form. This form will note the reason that the application was not accepted, which may include lack of supervisor, insufficient space, failure to meet academic requirements, late application, incomplete application, inappropriate references, and/or lack of prerequisites.

Near the bottom of the form, academic units will recommend that the file be closed or offer the applicant reconsideration for a later semester. Applicants receiving a reconsideration offer can accept this offer by contacting the appropriate person noted on the form within the given time period. This will automatically reopen their files for future consideration. Applicants whose previous files are reopened may wish to submit additional documents (such as a current CV or transcript of courses taken after the initial application was submitted), and may do so by forwarding such documents to SGS directly.

Applicants who wish to be considered for another graduate program outside of the academic unit initially applied to will have to submit a new application package and pay another application fee.

Applicants not accepted for admission are encouraged to contact the academic unit responsible to consider means of strengthening their applications prior to reapplication. All non-admitted files are kept in SGS for a period of one year awaiting response from applicants and then destroyed. Those applicants with destroyed files are required to submit a new application and pay the required application fee.


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