Declaring a major or minor for BA or BSc


Bachelor of Arts

An arts degree gives students a strong foundation of knowledge, along with the language, research, analytical and communications skills needed to succeed and adapt in a dynamic and rapidly evolving economy. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences consists of a variety of departments, offering courses in the humanities and social sciences.

To declare a major/minor in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, simply email with your student number and the program you are declaring. You can also go to the Registrar's Office and fill out the Declaration/Change of Academic Program form.

Please note, there are a few programs in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences that have competitive entrance.

Bachelor of Science

A science degree exposes students to the tools and techniques scientists use to discover, analyze, interpret and make predictions about subjects as small as sub-atomic particles and as large as the universe. The Faculty of Science consists of a variety of departments to choose from.

To declare a major or a minor in the Faculty of Science, you must complete a Declaration/Change of Academic Program  form and submit it to the head of the department of the program you want to declare; forms must then be forwarded to the Office of the Registrar.

To discuss options available or to obtain academic advice on course selection, please contact Academic Advising Centre.





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