Grenfell Campus

Grenfell Campus (Grenfell), Memorial's campus on the west coast of Newfoundland, is committed to offering a liberal arts and science education. Grenfell's small, spectacularly beautiful campus offers a personalized undergraduate education in a realm of interdisciplinary experiences. The transition into university life is filled with challenges; however, Grenfell graduates will tell you that there is no better place for students who are looking for an intimate, personalized and interactive learning environment. Small class sizes ensure that individual attention is the norm and there is ample opportunity to get to know the faculty in and out of the classroom.

Four-year degree programs in arts, science, nursing and fine arts may be completed at Grenfell. The bachelor of arts degree is available in environmental studies, English, historical studies, humanities, psychology, social/cultural studies and tourism studies and the bachelor of arts (honours) may be completed in psychology. The bachelor of science and bachelor of science (honours) are offered in environmental science, general science and psychology. The university’s four-year bachelor of nursing degree is offered in conjunction with Western Regional School of Nursing in Corner Brook. Bachelor of fine arts degrees are conferred in visual arts and theatre. Grenfell recently piloted the bachelor of education (primary/elementary) fast-track option.

Grenfell students may also complete the first year of the University of New Brunswick’s bachelor of science program in forestry. In addition, many degree programs offered at the St. John’s campus can be started at Grenfell.

There is only one application form for Memorial University of Newfoundland, so it is important to indicate the campus of your choice on your application for admission. Please refer to the admissions section of this Guide for further admission requirements.


Grenfell has spectacular facilities on an impressive 185-acre site, including the Forest Centre, with its tree-lined atrium, a 200-seat black box theatre and avant-garde gallery, a newly renovated arts and science building complete with high-tech classrooms, a 25-metre pool, gym, and bookstore. The Ferriss Hodgett Library contains a collection of more than 125,000 books, journals, slides and videos, and provides access to a variety of e-journals and other electronic resources, plus access to all the resources offered by the QEII Library system on the St. John's campus. The Student Centre offers students a place to call their own, to dine, study or spend time with lassmates and professors. Grenfell's residence and chalet-style apartments provide comfortable and convenient on-campus housing to more than 400 students.


Academic Advising: As a first-year, first-semester student, you will be ssigned a faculty adviser. Your adviser can help you make informed decisions about course selection and degree programs. Advisers can explain university regulations to you and, if you need special help in any area, will direct you to the appropriate people or service. Making contact with your adviser is an important way for you to feel connected to the university; it is beneficial to see your adviser at least once or twice each semester to ensure your courses are on track. The senior academic adviser co-ordinates faculty advising and is available to all students who seek academic information. The senior academic adviser is located in the Office of the Registrar and can be contacted at or toll-free 1-866-381-7022.

Any student who does not have an academic adviser by the end of the first week of classes should contact the Office of the Registrar, AS277, (709) 637-6298.

Computer Services: You'll have access to modern computer labs in the Arts and Science Building and the Library and Computing Building. Wireless access is available, giving students the freedom to access the internet from anywhere on campus. During your first week on campus you will be given computer access accounts and e-mail accounts.

For more information, please visit:

Ferriss Hodgett Library: The Ferriss Hodgett Library is a multimedia learning resources and information centre, with a collection of over 125,000 volumes, including books, audio-visual materials, government documents, microfilms and pamphlets. Through i-Link, the on-line catalogue, users can also access the collections of other Memorial libraries. Materials not available at Memorial can often be obtained elsewhere on interlibrary loan.

Computers are available for e-mail, internet and library research, word processing and other software applications. The library has individual seating for 205 users, as well as group study rooms. Help in using the library and in finding information is always available. Students can drop by and/or view the web page at for more information about the college library services and facilities.

French Lab: Grenfell is equipped with a state of the art computerized language lab, using the system CAN 8. For further information, please visit:

Learning Centre: The award-winning Learning Centre is a one-stop shop for academic support at Grenfell. The centre offers free help in math and writing as well as peer tutoring in most disciplines. The Learning Centre also offers the Supplemental Instruction Program (SI). SI is an academic assistance program where student leaders organize and facilitate study sessions in high risk courses. These sessions are focussed on course content and study skills strategies. Staff in the Learning Centre also offer many seminars to facilitate students’ academic success. Those include time management, note-taking and study skills strategies as well as review sessions and specialized seminars in math and writing.

The Career Planning Centre is also part of Grenfell’s Learning Centre. The Career Planning Centre maintains a supply of current Canadian university and college calendars and information. Staff also offer resume writing workshops and seminars in career planning and job searching.

For further information on services of the Learning Centre, please visit:

Supplemental Instruction: Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic assistance program in which student leaders organize and facilitate study sessions in high risk courses. The sessions are focussed on course content and study skills strategies. For further information, visit:


Bookstore: The Grenfell Campus Bookstore is located on the main floor of the Arts and Science building. When buying textbooks, it is usually a good idea to wait until after your first classes, to be sure that you are buying the correct books for your course section.

In addition to new and used books, textbooks and course supplies, the bookstore also carries a large selection of art supplies, frames, stationery, greeting cards, toiletries to meet your daily needs, crested items and clothing, as well as a multitude of other items for your convenience and pleasure. Check ou t our general book selection for your own leisure reading and for gifts, and our reference section to aid your studies.

For further information, visit:

Campus Ministry: Campus Ministry supports an individual’s personal, social, religious and spiritual formation. The ministry office promotes an environment where students can discuss basic issues of identity and meaning. Chaplains representing the major religious affiliations of Grenfell students are available on campus on a part-time basis. For further information visit:

Campus Tours: The best way to discover more about campus life at Grenfell is to arrange a tour. Campus tours are available for individuals as well as groups. To arrange a tour, please call the Office of the Registrar at (709) 637-6298, toll-free at 1-866-381-7022, or e-mail us at

Counselling: Students often run into situations that affect their academic performance or sense of well-being. Grenfell's counsellors meet with students on an individual and confidential basis. Appointments can be made by calling (709) 637-6211 or (709) 637-6234 or through e-mail at or

Grenfell Campus Student Union (GCSU): The Grenfell Campus Student Union is the students' voice in all issues that affect the student population, providing activities and services to enhance the educational, cultural, environmental, political and social conditions of its members. The GCSU offers the student body many services, including a comprehensive health plan, optional dental plan, clubs and societies and special events. For more information visit:

National Student Exchange Program: Grenfell participates in the National Student Exchange (NSE) program, which allows students to pay Grenfell tuition while studying for a semester at one of the NSE's member universities in the United States and Canada. Grenfell students have chosen to experience university life in such places as Oregon, Mexico, West Virginia, Florida, New Mexico, and Hawaii, just to name a few. For more information visit:

On-campus Housing: About one-third of our students live on campus. Grenfell students can choose from two housing options: residence halls or chalet apartments. In our residence, every two rooms form a suite, where two students share a fridge and bathroom. Each floor has a kitchen/lounge where students are encouraged to prepare meals and enjoy each other's company. The residence is equipped with a laundry facility, computer/study room and every residence bedroom is wired for the Internet and digital telephone service.

Our chalet apartments, which are usually reserved for students in their second year and beyond, allow four students to live together and share a living room, kitchen and one-and-a-half baths. Like the residence, however, each student has his or her own room. Individual phones and Internet ports are also provided.

There is a small food court on campus, although we encourage students to prepare meals in the kitchen facilities provided. Students should apply for housing at the same time they submit their general university application. Students are encouraged to apply early and although there are no guarantees, should apply no later than April 1. For more detailed information or to fill out an on-line application visit:

Orientation: The first week at university can be confusing and intimidating for new students. Student Services and the Grenfell Campus Student Union co-ordinate an orientation program each September to help you adjust to university life, become familiar with the campus, have fun and make new friends. The program includes tours, concerts, scavenger hunts, BBQs and seminars on how to succeed at university. For further information, visit:

Parents' Orientation: Student Services hosts a Parents' Orientation which includes campus tours, as well as various presentations and seminars. This program provides parents and guardians of first year students with useful information on services and supports available at Grenfell. Parents' Orientation enables parents to be helpful and supportive in students' transition from high school to university.

Recreation: Grenfell offers a distinctive program of recreation and wellness activities that contribute to the well being and personal and social development of students. The college has a 25 metre pool, a double gymnasium and an outdoor multi-use court. Students at Grenfell have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different recreation programs such as intramural sports, water aerobics, step aerobics, yoga and "learn to" programs that include activities like downhill skiing, kayaking and swimming. Students also have the opportunity to play on competitive sport teams which compete in various leagues and tournaments. Students can participate in any of the recreational programs for just $10 per semester. For further information:

Scholarships, Awards and Financial Services: Student Affairs and Services provides information about scholarships and awards and financial assistance available t hrough the Canada Student Loan Program. Most Memorial University scholarships are tenable at either campus of the university; however, a few major scholarships are specially designed for students attending Grenfell. For further information, visit:

Special Needs: Grenfell aspires to be a barrier-free institution and gives equal opportunity to all students. If you need assistance or special
arrangements because of a disability, please contact the co-ordinator of the Learning Centre at (709) 637-6268 or e-mail

Student Employment: A number of part-time job opportunities exist around campus in various departments, i.e., library, Community Education and College Relations, GCSU, etc. As well, the Memorial University Career Experience Program (MUCEP) enables students to work 40 or 80 hours per semester. These jobs in various departments throughout the campus provide students with valuable work experience for future employment. Job listings are posted at the start of each semester. For further information, visit:

Wellness Centre: Through a partnership with the Western Regional School of Nursing, a Wellness Centre operates at Grenfell on a part-time basis during the fall and winter semesters. The centre is staffed by faculty and senior students from the School of Nursing. The role of the centre is to enhance education and awareness of various lifestyle, health, and well-being issues elevant to students at university. Staff members are also available to meet with students on an individual basis. The Centre is located in AS110. Some of the services available include:

  • health assessment
  • health teaching (nutrition, lifestyle)
  • referral to other health professionals (physician, counsellor, dietitian, communicable disease nurse)
  • screening (pap smears, testicular exam, BMI)
  • health promotion campaigns (smoking, STD's, nutrition, drugs/alcohol)

For further information, visit:


Office of the Registrar
(709) 637-6298

Student Housing
(709) 637-6266

Academic Advising
(709) 637-6206

Bursar's Office
(709) 637-6286

Student Services
(709) 637-6232