Joint Degrees of Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

General Information

The joint degrees of bachelor of commerce (co-op) and bachelor of science in computer science can be completed in five years, provided appropriate planning is undertaken.

Any student who is admitted into the bachelor of commerce (co-op) (B.Comm. (Co-op)) program may simultaneously complete the requirements for a bachelor of science (B.Sc.) in computer science degree. Some of the regulations for the B.Comm. (Co-op) program have been relaxed to enable completion of the degrees.  These adjustments to the normal curriculum will only be permitted for students who are graduating with the B.Comm. (Co-op) degree and the B.Sc. degree at the same convocation.  In order to meet all the requirements of both degree programs at the same time, students who are completing the joint degrees are strongly advised to follow the B.Comm. (Co-op) curriculum (completed jointly with the B.Sc. in computer science) as outlined in the Calendar.

Admission and Promotion Requirements

To be eligible for promotion to Term 1 of the B.Comm. (Co-op) program, an applicant must have successfully completed 30 credit hours in Terms A/B with an overall average of at least 65 per cent on the courses comprising those credit hours.  For the joint degree, the 30 credit hours must comprise:

a) six credit hours in English (It is strongly recommended that these include English 1110.)

b) six credit hours in mathematics, which must include Mathematics 1000

c) Economics 2010 and 2020

d) Business 1000 

e) Computer Science 1710

f) Computer Science 2710 and 2742 or six credit hours in science electives.

Sample: Program A

Term A Term B
Computer Science 1710* Computer Science 2710** or science elective
Mathematics 1000 Computer Science 2742** or science elective
Economics 2010 Mathematics 1001
Business 1000 Economics 2020
English 1080 English 1110 (or equivlanet)

*Computer Science 1710 has a prerequisite of Mathematics 1090 (or equivalent), or Mathematics 1000.  Mathematics 1000 can be taken concurrently.
**Computer Science 1710 is a prerequisite for Computer Science 2710 and 2742.

Sample: Program B

Term A Term B
Mathematics 1090 Computer Science 1710
Economics 2010 Mathematics 1000
Business 1000 Economics 2020
Science elective* Science elective
English 1080 Enclish 1110 (or equivlanet)

*May be Computer Science 1700 for students without a background in programming.

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