Joint Degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative)

General Information

The joint degrees of bachelor of arts and bachelor of commerce (co-operative) (BA/B.Comm. (Co-op)) can be completed in five years, provided appropriate planning is undertaken.  Some of the normal degree requirements have been relaxed by each faculty for students who wish to complete both programs in a minimum of 150 credit hours and to graduate with both degrees at the same convocation.

In order to fit the requirements of both degrees within a five-year period, students are advised to follow the suggested first-year program as indicated in the sample programs.

Admission and Program Planning

Any student who is admitted into the bachelor of commerce (co-op) program may simultaneously complete the requirements for a bachelor of arts program (see B.Comm. (Co-op) admission section under Faculty of Business Administration of this Guide).
In the first year, Terms A/B,  students must successfully complete 30 credit hours comprised of the following:  6 credit hours in English at the 1000 level, Mathematics 1000 (or 1090 and 1000), Economics 2010 and 2020, Business 1000, and electives.  A student must achieve an overall average of 65 per cent on these 30 credit hours to be promoted to Term 1.

In order to fit the requirements of both degrees within a five-year period, it is strongly recommended that these elective courses are selected with specific requirements for the BA in mind.  Research/writing courses, second language courses and courses in the intended major should round out your first-year program.  The schedule of courses and work terms required for the B.Comm. (Co-op) are set out in the Plan of Operation in the university Calendar. For the BA, students are recommended to discuss their programs before the end of their first year with the head of department of their major, to make sure that required courses will be available within the constraints of course scheduling and prerequisites.

Sample Programs

Sample: Program A

Term A Term B
Mathematics 1000 Business 1000
Economics 2020 Economics 2010
Second language1 Second language1
A course in department of intended major A course in department of intended major
English 1080 English 11102 (or equivalent)

Sample: Program B

Term A Term B
Mathematics 1090                               Mathematics 1000
Economics 2010 Economics 2020
Business 1000 A course in department of intended major
Second language1 Second language1
English 1080 English 11102 (or equivalent)


1. The bachelor of arts degree requires six credit hours in a single second language.

2. It is strongly recommended that students complete English 1110 (Critical Reading and Writing II (Context, Substance, Style)), as one of the two required English courses.

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