School of Social Work

General Information

The bachelor of social work (BSW) degree qualifies the graduate for beginning professional practice in social work.  The program’s aim is to educate social workers with broadly based generalist skills in working with individuals, families, communities and groups.  Special emphasis is placed on social work in rural settings. Graduates are also prepared for work in larger urban areas.  The objectives of the bachelor of social work program are the achievement of (1) a liberal education involving general knowledge of people and nature, use of analytical and critical competence and personal social responsibility, and (2) the learning of the fundamental knowledge, values and skills necessary for professional practice.  A candidate for the bachelor of social work degree must complete 84 credit hours in social work and 66 credit hours in other courses.

The major focus of the School of Social Work is to educate students to be able to practice social work in a variety of settings.  Some of the settings include child protection, health care, addictions and justice, to name a few.  Some of the skills you will be educated in include assessment, interviewing, counselling, advocacy, program/ policy analysis and clinical case management.

Included in the 84 credit hours in  required social work courses are two field placements, one in the fourth year (12 credit hours) and one in the fifth year (15 credit hours).  Field placements are province-wide and designed to provide students with a broadened experience of social work in natural practice settings.  Students are expected to do one of their two placements in a rural setting.

Admission Requirements

Candidates for a bachelor’s degree in social work are to apply by March 1 of the year in which admission is sought.  Forty-five credit hours must be successfully completed by the end of the fall semester prior to the March 1 application deadline. Admission is competitive and is normally into the third year of the social work program.  An applicant must have at least a 65 per cent average in the courses comprising the last 30 credit hours completed by the deadline date to be eligible for admission.  Averages will not be rounded up. Selection will be based on academic standing, personal suitability for a social work career, relevant work/volunteer experience, references and such other criteria as the School of Social Work may require.  Applicants will normally be notified of admissions decisions  by May 15.  Applications received after March 1 will be considered if a place is available in the school.

To be considered for admission applicants must have successfully completed 45 credit hours by the end of the fall semester before applying, including:

a) six credit hours in English

b) nine credit hours in psychology at least three of which must be chosen from Psychology 2010/2011/2012* (or equivalent for Grenfell students only).  Please see the current Calendar.  Grenfell students should consult the Calendar for equivalencies.

c) three credit hours in sociology

d) three credit hours in either anthropology, geography or political science

e) Social Work 2510 and/or Social Work 2700*.  A minimum grade of 65 per cent must be obtained.

f) three credit hours chosen from the Philosophy 2800-2810 series or Women's Studies 2000

g) further courses from Schedule A in the Social Work section of the Calendar to make up 45 credit hours.

*Although only one of Psychology 2010, 2011 or 2012 (or equivalent) and one of Social Work 2510 or 2700 must be completed prior to the application deadline, the other courses in these groupings must be completed PRIOR to commencement of the third year of the program since these courses are prerequisite to 3000-level social work courses.  As well, a further three credit hours in sociology must be completed prior to commencement of the third year of the program.  In addition, in accordance with academic standards and promotion regulations, a minimum grade of 65 per cent is required in Social Work 2510 and 2700.

Sample Program

Note: This is a sample program only; there are other possibilities.

Semester I            Semester II
Psychology 1000 Psychology 1001
Sociology 2000     

Anthropology 1030 or 1031 or Geography 1050 or Political Science 1000 or 1010 or 1020

English 1080 English 1101 (1102, 1103 or 1110)
Two Schedule A electives Two Schedule A electives

Please refer to the university Calendar ( for an outline of second year courses for the social work program.  Students may contact the chairperson of admissions for social work at 737-2558 for further information.


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