Faculty of Medicine


General Information
A student who plans to study medicine should have a sound background in high school English, mathematics, chemistry and, if possible, physics and biology.  In general, students who wish to enter the medical school are best advised to be sure to complete the prerequisite courses and pursue a degree program of their interest.

Getting into medical school is not automatic.  The competition for the limited number of places is very keen.  For the approximately 60 places available every year, there are about 700 applications from all over Canada, the United States and other countries; however, the policy of the medical school is to give Newfoundland and Labrador students priority.  Based on the number of applicants in this pool (about 200 per year) and the number of places reserved (about 40 per year), a bona fide Newfoundland and Labrador resident stands about one chance in five of being admitted.


The application deadline is normally Oct. 15 of each year. All applicants are encouraged to use the On-line Admissions System at the Admissions Office website to apply.  All applicants for admission to medical school are screened by an admissions committee which considers academic performance, scores on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), referee reports, interview reports, extra-curricular activities including volunteer work and any other relevant information.  MCAT consists of four sections:  verbal reasoning, physical sciences, writing sample, and biological sciences.  Information pertaining to taking the MCAT may be obtained at www.aamc.org/students/mcat or:

Admissions Office, Faculty of Medicine
Health Sciences Centre, Room 1751
Telephone:  (709) 777-6615

Admissions Requirements

a) The requirements for admission are a bachelor’s degree, including the prerequisite of six credit hours in English to be completed at a recognized university or university college.  In exceptional circumstances an application may be considered from someone who does not expect to hold a bachelor’s degree at the time of admission.  For further information on these circumstances, contact:

 Admissions Office, Faculty of Medicine Health Sciences Centre, Room 1751
 Telephone:  (709) 777-6615

b) Applicants must write the MCAT prior to the application deadline. 

Candidates who are accepted into medical school will be awarded the doctor of medicine (MD) degree after successful completion of the four-year medical school program.

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