Bachelor of Education (Primary / Elementary)

The bachelor of education (primary/elementary) is offered in two delivery formats: bachelor of education (primary/elementary) integrated delivery program, and bachelor of education (primary/elementary) consecutive delivery program.  Refer to the Application Deadline Dates table in the university Calendar for application deadlines.

General Information

The Bachelor of Education (Primary/Elementary) is a 150-credit hour program designed to prepare teachers for kindergarten through grade six and includes a 15-credit hour teaching internship.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission students must have successfully completed 60 credit hours as outlined below with either a cumulative average of at least 65 per cent or an average of at least 65 per cent on the last attempted 30 credit hours. Students applying to the consecutive delivery option must have completed a total of 78 credit hours including a completed focus area.

The 60 credit hours are:

a) twelve credit hours in English including at least 6 credit hours at the 2000 level or above

b) Mathematics 1050 and 1051; or Mathematics 1000; or a focus area in mathematics

c) six credit hours in psychology

d) Science 1150 and 1151; or 9 credit hours in science, 3 credit hours each to be chosen from biochemistry, biology, chemistry, earth science, environmental science, or physics; or a focus area in science

e) six credit hours chosen in any combination from anthropology, economics, folklore, geography, history, political science, sociology

f) three credit hours in French, or equivalent

g) fifteen credit hours as part of a focus area (see below)

h) additional credit hours from subject area other than education.

Admission to the Faculty of Education is competitive.  Assessment of applications is based on a number of factors (as outlined in the university Calendar)  including the average in the courses in paragraphs a - e above.  Applications for admission must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar by Dec. 1 (pending Senate approval) in any year.  Consideration will be given to the courses for which students are registered at the time of application.

Note:  Applicants who will have completed all requirements for admission by the end of the spring semester of the year that admission is being sought will be considered as time and resources permit.

Focus Areas

Focus areas are the subjects on the following list.  Students must select one focus area.

 English          mathematics
 folklore         music
 French          physical education
 geography    religious studies
 history          science
 linguistics      visual art

Sample Program
Note: This is a sample program only; there are other possibilities.

Semester I Semester II
Science 1150 Science 1151
Mathematics 1050 Mathematics 1051
A course from a focus area A course from a focus area
Three credit hours in French or equivlanet or Psychology 1000 Three credit hours in French or equivlanet or Psychology 1001
English 1080 English 1101 (1102, 1103, 1110)

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