Bachelor of Education (Intermediate / Secondary)

General Information

This is a second degree program designed to prepare teachers for grade seven through grade twelve.  Following completion of a first degree, students attend full-time and graduate in one calendar year.  The program is designed to provide students with an early field experience, a sequenced set of courses prior to a full semester internship and a range of courses after the internship designed so that students can reflect on their school experiences and make further connections between theory and practice.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission individuals must have:

a) been awarded a bachelor’s degree from a university recognized by Memorial University;

b) completed 36 credit hours in a subject listed under academic disciplines below (business studies, Newfoundland studies and religious studies cannot be used to satisfy the 36-credit hour requirement);

c) completed 24 credit hours in a subject listed under academic disciplines below, but different from that in (b); and

d) achieved an overall average of at least 65 per cent in each of the sets of courses chosen to meet (b) and (c) above.

Applications for admission are considered once a year and for the fall semester only.  The deadline for submission of faculty applications to the Office of the Registrar is Jan. 15 in any year.  Consideration will be given to the courses for which students are registered at the time of application.

Note: Applicants who will have completed all requirements for admission by the end of the spring semester of the year that admission is being sought will be considered as time and resources permit.

Academic Disciplines

Academic disciplines are listed below.  Courses from other disciplines deemed by the Admissions Committee to be equivalent to courses in any of the listed academic disciplines  will be acceptable. 

biochemistry                  history 
biology                          mathematics (pure and applied mathematics, statistics
business studies*           Newfoundland studies*
Canadian studies            physical education
chemistry                      physics
earth sciences               political science
economics                     religious studies*
English                          theatre arts
environmental science    visual arts
general science 

*These subjects are only available as a second discipline.  Business studies requires at least a minor in business administration.

For further information on the complement of courses suitable for these disciplines, please see the university Calendar or website (

Candidates who are registered in the final semester of their first bachelor’s degree program during the winter semester must have satisfied the academic requirements set out in paragraphs a - d above upon completion of their first degree program.  Applicants completing degrees from a university other than Memorial must submit an official transcript denoting the award of their first degree.  These applicants must supply transcripts indicating winter semester grades no later than June 15.

Sample Program

For sample programs of first-year courses, please see the appropriate section for the bachelor’s degree being completed in the first instance, i.e., bachelor of arts, bachelor of fine arts, bachelor of science or bachelor of physical education.

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