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Science has been described as a way of knowing, of finding out about ourselves and our world.

The bachelor of science (B.Sc.) degree exposes students to the tools and techniques scientists use to discover, analyze, interpret and make predictions about subjects as small as sub-atomic particles and as large as the universe.

Graduates of our science programs can move on to such diverse areas as teaching, industry, private consulting, science journalism, the civil service, environmental law, research and development or other exciting careers that might not even exist yet, requiring adaptable thinking in our complex and technical world.

Bachelor of science (B.Sc.) degree

Memorial offers B.Sc. degree programs at both the St. John's and Grenfell Campuses. The B.Sc. degree (general or honours) requires the completion of 120 credit hours chosen to satisfy the general regulations for the degree. In the Faculty of Science, it is necessary to declare a major program and it is optional to declare a minor program. Many first-year students at Memorial are science students, having declared the B.Sc. as their intended degree when applying to the University.

However, science students must go on to choose a major program after finishing their first year of study. Some major programs are competitive for a limited number of placements and students seeking admission to departments with special admission regulations must apply on the appropriate departmental Application for Admission form after completing the specified admission requirements.

During their first year, students should contact the department of their proposed major for academic advice on program choices and course scheduling.

Major programs are offered in

Minor programs are offered in

* Information on these minor programs may be found in the respective sections of this Guide.

Honours Degree

The bachelor of science honours (B.Sc. (Hons.)) is also available in the major subject areas. Students should contact the undergraduate officer in their intended department for course and program advice if they are considering an honours degree.

Joint Programs

A student may elect to do a joint major program or a joint honours program. Current options are described in the University Calendar, but other combinations are also possible. Students interested in a joint program should contact the department(s) involved for advice before they declare a major.

Admission Requirements

Admission to certain major programs within the faculty is limited and competitive. Students should contact the department of their proposed major in their first year of university for appropriate academic advice.

Contact information

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