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School of Human Kinetics and Recreation

The School of Human Kinetics and Recreation (HKR) offers programs of study leading to the degrees of:

under which regular full-time academic terms are alternated with full-time work terms in positions related to the student's future career.  There are three work terms in each of the degree programs.

The school also offers bachelor of kinesiology, bachelor of physical education and bachelor of recreation degrees. These degrees are comprised of 120 credit hours and may be completed on a full-time or part-time basis.

Honours Degrees

An honours degree signifies superior academic achievement. To receive an honours degree, a candidate shall:

  • meet all the requirements of the general degree
  • successfully complete HKR 4600 and HKR 4610 with a minimum grade of 80 per cent in each course
  • obtain an overall average of 80 per cent or better on all HKR courses for the degree
  • obtain an overall average of 70 per cent on non-HKR credit hours required for the degree