What are wait lists?

A wait list is sometimes created for courses that have registration reserved for a particular group of students for a limited period of time, and also if the course is currently full. The wait list allows students to reserve a place in line for a possible seat in the course once the reserves are lifted or if space becomes available.

Memorial Self-Service will allow you to be registered and waitlisted in a maximum of seven course sections. However, once you become registered in five courses, all the wait-listed courses currently held will become inactive. If a course is dropped, the wait lists will be reactivated.

If you are on a wait list, you should check your course registrations periodically through Memorial Self-Service. It is possible to become registered in a course if space becomes available; however, you will not be notified until you are sent your enrolment verification in late August.

It is strongly recommended that you not wait list for courses when there are open sections of the same course available. If you become registered in one course section, other wait-listed sections of that course will be dropped.

Wait lists will be deactivated approximately two weeks before the start of classes. If you are not able to register for a desired course and you are no longer on a wait list it is recommended that you speak with an advisor regarding available options.


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