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Registration Information

How can students prepare for registration?

Students can view a power point presentation called Guide to Memorial Self-Service on the Academic Advising Centre’s website, This presentation will show students how to: access the online registration system, find out when to register, create a class schedule and register for courses.

Students will need a user ID (student number) and a personal identification number (PIN). The PIN for students registering for the first time is birth year and day. For example, a birth year of 1996 and a birth day of the fifth of any month will mean a PIN of 199605. Once entered, a new PIN must be created. This new PIN must be used every time the registration system is accessed.

Setting up access to Memorial Self-Service also requires students to create a security question and answer. This question and answer will be used to reset the newly created PIN if needed.

Course offerings will be available by the end of June. Students are encouraged to draft a number of sample timetables before attempting to register in July. Create a class schedule that has no clashes (i.e. more than one class or lab at the same time). When registering, students will receive a message if they attempt to register for two courses at the same time, however, they are not prevented from keeping courses that have a timetable clash.

When is registration?

Registration for the fall semester begins July 15.

Each student is assigned a time to register. This assigned time is the earliest that courses may be selected and added to a class schedule. To view their registration time students can log on to Memorial Self-Service, select Registration and select the correct term (2014-2015 Fall). The registration time will be shown. This information should be available by approximately the middle of June.

New students who have received early offers of scholarships from Memorial University will register first. For all other new students, registration priority is based on a schedule arranged in accordance with the first three letters of their last name.

It is important to register on the assigned date and time, or as soon as possible thereafter, to allow access to the best selection of available courses.

How will students know which courses to select?

Students should register for the courses that were recommended during their high school advising session. Students who did not have an advising session in their high school, and students who have additional questions about registration, are encouraged to contact an academic advisor for assistance.

Email to reach an advisor at the St. John’s Campus, and to reach an advisor at Grenfell Campus.

How do students register?

As the power point presentation about registration showed, there are several ways to register for courses.

  • Students can draft a schedule of courses and make a note of the course reference number (CRN) for each course for which they want to register. They can register for all of the courses at once by entering the CRNs through the Add/Drop Courses menu option.
  • Students can also register for courses through the Look Up Course Offerings menu option either by registering for them one at a time or adding the courses to a worksheet and registering for them all together.
  • Remember to register for Orientation (Orientation 1000). For further information about Orientation please visit the website at

What are wait lists?

  • A wait list is sometimes created for courses that reserve registration for a particular group of students for a limited period of time.
  • Memorial Self-Service will allow students to be registered and wait-listed in a maximum of seven course sections, however, once a student becomes registered in five courses all the wait-listed courses currently held will become inactive. If a course is dropped, the wait lists will be reactivated.
  • The wait list allows students to reserve a place in line for a seat in the course once the reserves are lifted.
  • If a student is on a wait list, they should check course registrations periodically through Memorial Self-Service. It is possible to become registered in a course if space becomes available; however, students will not be notified until they are sent their enrolment verification in late August.
  • It is strongly recommended that students not wait list for courses when there are open sections of the same course available. If students become registered in one course section, other wait-listed sections of that course will be dropped.

What are some common issues with registration?

  • Some courses have a prerequisite or co-requisite course that is required in order to be able to register for that course.
  • Some courses are reserved for students in a particular program.
  • Students registering for mathematics courses will have to have written, or be registered for, the Mathematics Placement Test (Mathematics 1MPT) or the Calculus Placement Test (Mathematics 1CPT) before being able to add a mathematics course to their schedule.
  • Students will need to register for a mathematics course before registering for certain science courses, such as physics and chemistry.
  • Some course sections have the lecture combined with the lab, which means that when students register for the lecture, they will automatically be registered in the lab associated with that section. Other course sections may not have the lecture and lab combined; in this case students would need to register for the lecture and lab separately.
  • Registering for Orientation and a placement test for mathematics will not affect the ability to register for a full course load.

Is it possible to change courses after registration?

  • Students should take care when dropping a course because they may be unable to add the course to their schedule again later.
  • If a student drops a course that is the co-requisite of another course in their schedule, the other course will also be dropped.
  • If a student makes changes to their schedule, they should confirm that the appropriate changes have been made by reviewing their course registration.
  • Students should always attempt to add a course before trying to drop one.

What do I do if I am having problems with my registration?

  • Students attending the St. John’s Campus can contact the Office of the Registrar at 709 864 4445 or email
  • Students attending Grenfell Campus can contact the Office of the Registrar at 709 637 6298 or (toll-free) 1 866 381 7022 or email
  • Students can access Memorial Self-Service as many times as necessary during registration.

Where can students find additional information?

  • Instructions are included in the Undergraduate Registration Procedures which will be available online by the end of June at
  • The Establishing Student Relationships Program will be in contact with students before registration either by email or telephone, to offer assistance.