Honours Degree

An honours degree requires, over and above the requirements of the general degree, a concentration at an advanced level in an approved field, consisting of a subject or subjects of specialization and/or related subjects, and a high quality of work throughout the program. An honours degree is of distinct advantage if you plan on doing advanced work in your chosen field and also if you have a clear commitment to some special field of study. It may be of particular advantage for students considering graduate studies.

The BA (honours) is offered in the following subject areas:

  • anthropology
  • archaeology
  • classics (honours in Greek and Roman studies also available)
  • economics (also available as a B.Sc.)
  • English
  • folklore
  • French
  • geography (also available as a B.Sc.)
  • German
  • history
  • linguistics
  • philosophy
  • political science
  • psychology
  • religious studies
  • sociology


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