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The International Bachelor of Arts (iBA) Degree program (pending approval by the Board of Regents) is designed for students who are interested in the study of global dynamics and worldwide issues from the perspective of the Humanities and Social Sciences. The program’s objectives are to provide knowledge and analytical skills essential for research and work on cultural, economic, political, religious and social processes on a global scale.

Students can indicate their intention to complete the iBA program when completing the General Application for Admission to Memorial University. Application may also be made by contacting the Office of the Registrar at Admission to the International Internship Option is limited and competitive.

The iBA program is available exclusively to students who complete a major or honours program in one of the following Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences programs: anthropology, archaeology, classics, economics, English, folklore, French, gender studies, geography, German, history, linguistics, philosophy, political science, religious studies, Russian, sociology, Spanish.

A student who wishes to enter an iBA program is strongly advised to consult an academic advisor and international exchange coordinator early in their university career, as it may not be possible to complete the requirements for the degree in the normal time if the decision to embark on the program is delayed beyond the end of the second year.

An iBA degree requires the completion of 120 credit hours which include:

  • major or honours program
  • minor (or second major) program
  • core requirements of the General Degree of Bachelor of Arts (outlined on page 15)
    • breadth of knowledge
    • critical reading and writing (CRW)
    • language study (LS)
    • quantitative reasoning (QR)
  • additional university-level language study (LS) courses
  • international (IS) studies courses
  • participation in either an international study or internship placement requiring residency outside of Canada.

International Studies (IS) courses requirement: Students must complete a minimum of 24 credit hours in designated IS courses as outlined at

Additional Language Study (LS) Requirement: Student must complete 12 credit hours in LS courses as follows:

  • six credit hours in university-level study of a single language to satisfy the LS Requirement
  • six additional credit hours in eligible LS courses.
    More information can be found at

International Experience Requirement: During the program of study and while residing outside of Canada for a semester, a student for the iBA degree is required to complete either university-level study or an approved international internship. Addditional information is available at

This webpage is the best way to anticipate future course offerings,

Sample program for first year

Students pursuing the iBA program will normally take the following courses in their first year:

Sample program

Fall SemesterWinter Semester
English 1090critical reading & writing course
language study (LS) courselanguage study (LS) course
quantititive reasonsing (QR) coursequantititive reasonsing (QR) course
major program coursemajor program course
elective (IS course recommended)elective (IS course recommended)










For assistance with course selection, students should contact:

Academic Advising Centre,


Information sessions for students on the iBA will be scheduled shortly. 




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