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Math Placement Test (MPT) & Calculus Placement Test (CPT)

  • NL students of Mathematics 3208 register in April/May at www.mun.ca/math to write the CPT in June
  • Students can check here to review information and determine if a placement test is needed.
  • Any other students needing to write either the MPT or CPT register in July through Self Service for the writing in September
  • Calculators are not required or permitted
  • The MPT and CPT may only be written once!


Set up access to Memorial Self-Service

  • Go to Self Service
  • Your user ID is your student number
  • Your temporary PIN is your year of birth followed by your day of birth (YYYYDD)
  • Create a new PIN. This is your Self Service PIN
  • Create a security question that you will be asked in the future if you forget your PIN


Create MUN Login Account to access my.mun.ca (portal) and MUNmail

  • Go to my.mun.ca
  • Click the "Create account" link (located bottom of panel)
  • Enter your 9-digit Memorial Number and your Date of Birth. Enter your Account Recovery Option (to be used if you forget your password) which can be an External Email Address or a Cell Phone Number (SMS), or both and click “Continue” (located bottom of panel)
    • If you entered a Cell Phone Number (SMS), a token will be sent to the number for verification. Please enter this token where prompted and click “Continue”
    • If you entered an External EMail Address, an email will be sent to this address. You should verify this email at your earliest convenience.
  • On the next screen, you will be provided with your MUN Login ID
  • Create/enter a password and re-enter to confirm (your password must be at least 8 characters, contain lower & upper case, and contain a number or a special character)
  • Click “Create Account” to proceed
  • Please re-enter your MUN Login ID and the password you created to proceed to my.mun.ca
  • The MUN Login ID provided and the password you created will be used to login to my.mun.ca from now on
  • You can access your MUNmail from my.mun.ca or directly at munmail.mun.ca
  • For more information regarding MUN Login go to www.mun.ca/iam/munlogin/


Register for the recommended courses

  • While logged in to my.mun.ca, select "Students" at the top
  • Click on "Launch Memorial Self-Service" menu
  • Select "Registration" and view registration time (the earliest that you can register)
  • Look up course offerings and create a potential schedule late June/early July
  • Be ready to add courses at your registration time mid-July


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