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Diary 2014-2015

Fall Semester 2014

Lectures begin Sept. 3, Wednesday
Thanksgiving holiday;no examinations or lectures Oct. 13, Monday
Fall semester break Oct. 13, 14, Monday, Tuesday
Lectures resume Oct. 15, Wednesday
Lectures will follow Tuesday schedule Oct. 16, Thursday
Remembrance Day; no examinations or lectures Nov. 11, Tuesday
Lectures end Dec. 3, Wednesday
Examinations begin Dec. 8, Monday
Examinations end Dec. 17, Wednesday


Winter Semester 2015

Lectures begin Jan. 5, Monday
Winter semester break Feb. 16, 17, 18, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Lectures resume Feb. 19, Thursday 
Lectures end  April 2, Thursday
Good Friday; no examinations or lectures  April 3, Friday 
Examinations begin  April 8, Wednesday
Examinations end  April 17, Friday 


Spring Semester 2015

Lectures begin for 14- week spring semester and intersession  May 11, Monday
Lectures end for intersession June 19, Friday 
Examinations begin for intersession June 22, Monday 
Spring semester break  June 22, 23, 24, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Examinations end for intersession  June 24, Wednesday 
Lectures resume for spring semester  June 25, Thursday 
Lectures will follow the Wednesday schedule June 26, Friday
Lectures begin for summer session June 29, Monday
July 1 holiday; no examinations or lectures July 1, Wednesday
Lectures end for spring semester  Aug. 7, Friday 
Lectures end for summer session Aug. 8, Saturday
Lectures will follow the Wednesday schedule Aug. 8, Saturday
Examinations begin for spring semester and summer session  Aug. 10, Monday 
Examinations end for summer session  Aug. 12, Wednesday 
Examinations end for spring semester Aug. 15, Saturday


Approved. November 7, 2012