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Student Services Grenfell

Aboriginal liaison

The Aboriginal liaison co-ordinator provides a variety of services to the Aboriginal student population attending Grenfell Campus. The co-ordinator assists and/or refers students on matters related to: admission requirements, adaptation to an academic/urban environment and building connections with the Aboriginal community on and off campus.

The co-ordinator also organizes activities on campus to raise awareness about Aboriginal cultures and develops opportunities to engage Aboriginal students in life at Grenfell Campus.


Grenfell Campus Bookstore is located on the main floor of the Arts and Science Building. When buying textbooks it is usually a good idea to wait until after your first class to be sure that you are buying the correct books for your course section.

In addition to new and used books, textbooks and course supplies, the bookstore also carries a large selection of art supplies, frames, stationery, greeting cards, toiletries to meet your daily needs, crested items and clothing, as well as a multitude of other items for your convenience and pleasure.

Check out our general book selection for your own leisure reading and gifts and our reference section to aid your studies. Students should retain receipts for income tax purposes.

Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP)

Campus Enforcement and Patrol (CEP) is the security force for Grenfell Campus, Memorial University. They are responsible for the safety and security of students, faculty, staff and guests and for the security of Grenfell Campus property.

In case of an emergency call 709 637 2888.

Campus Tours

The best way to discover more about campus life is to arrange a tour. Campus tours are available for individuals as well as groups. To arrange a tour, please call the Office of Student Recruitment at 709 637 6269, toll-free at 1 888 637 6269.

Career Development Services

Grenfell Campus’s Career Development Services (GCDS) operates through the Learning Centre. Students needing career advice, labour market information, resume and job strategies assistance, and employment connections can use the GCDS.


Students often run into situations that affect their academic performance or sense of well-being. Grenfell Campus’s counsellors meet with students on an individual and confidential basis. Appointments can be made by calling 709 637 6211 or 709 637 6234 or through email at: or

Student Services Food Bank

Grenfell Campus students in need of food are welcome to access the student food bank in the Arts and Science building AS 121. The food bank is accessible Monday to Friday, 8:30 am -4:30 pm. Students are required to bring their student IDs. For more information, contact

Grenfell Campus Student Union (GCSU)

The Grenfell Campus Student Union is the students’ voice in all issues that affect the student population. It organizes activities and services to enhance the educational, cultural, environmental, political and social conditions of its members.

The GCSU also offers the student body many services including a comprehensive health plan, optional dental plan, clubs and societies and special events.

Health Services

In 2014, a new Grenfell Campus Health Services centre will open in the Bennett Wing of the Arts and Science building. The centre will provide students with access to a variety of allied health services. In addition, through a partnership with the Western Regional School of Nursing, Grenfell Campus offers a variety of sessions designed to promote healthy living.

International Student Services

The international student co-ordinator offers a number of programs and services for international students. New international students will receive an arrival guide, which will assist with their transition to Canada and specifically Newfoundland and Labrador. Airport pick ups are offered when available. In addition, workshops, social events, and activities are offered in order to allow international students the opportunity to meet other students, get involved in the community and experience Newfoundland and Labrador culture.

National Student Exchange Program

Grenfell Campus participates in the National Student Exchange (NSE) program, which allows students to pay Memorial University tuition while studying for a semester at one of the NSE’s member universities in the United States and Canada. Grenfell Campus students have chosen to experience university life in such places as Oregon, Mexico, West Virginia, Florida, New Mexico and Hawaii, just to name a few.


The first week at university can be confusing and intimidating for new students. Student Services and the Grenfell Campus Student Union co-ordinate an orientation program each September to help students adjust to university life, become familiar with the campus, have fun and make new friends. The program includes tours, concerts, scavenger hunts, barbecues and seminars on how to succeed at university.

Parent Orientation

Student Services hosts a parent orientation which includes campus tours, as well as various presentations and seminars. This program provides parents and guardians of first-year students with useful information on services and supports available at Grenfell Campus. Parent Orientation enables parents to be helpful and supportive in students’ transition from high school to university. An information package about parents’ orientation will be sent to parents prior to the beginning of the fall semester.

Recreation and sport

Grenfell Campus offers a distinctive program of recreation and wellness activities that contribute to the well being and personal and social development of students. The campus has a 25-metre pool, a double gymnasium and an outdoor multi-use court. Students at Grenfell Campus have the opportunity to participate in a variety of different recreation programs, such as intramural sports, water aerobics, step aerobics, yoga, downhill skiing and curling. Students also have the opportunity to play on competitive sports teams which compete in various leagues and tournaments. Through Grenfell Campus’s partnership with the Pepsi Centre, students may purchase a recreation card in order to have access to a complete fitness centre (which includes cardio equipment, weights and squash courts), skating, hockey and a walking track.

Scholarships, awards and financial services

Student Affairs and Services provides information about scholarships and awards and financial assistance available through the Canada Student Loan Program. Most Memorial University scholarships are tenable at either campus of the university; however, a few major scholarships are specially designed for students attending Grenfell Campus.

Special needs

Grenfell Campus aspires to be a barrier-free institution that provides equal opportunities to all students. If you need assistance or special arrangements because of a disability, please contact prior to the beginning of the semester to ensure accommodations are in place for your arrival.

Student employment

A number of part-time job opportunities exist around campus in various departments, including library, Community Education and College Relations, and Grenfell Campus Student Union (GCSU). As well, the Memorial Undergraduate Career Experience Program (MUCEP) enables students to work 40 or 80 hours per semester and provides valuable work experience for future employment. Job listings are posted at the start of each semester.

Student Leadership Program

The Student Leadership Program is structured to provide a meaningful learning experience outside of the classroom for students in areas relating to Student Leadership. At the same time, it is intended to build a sense of community among students, increase student engagement and serve as a way to recognize the contributions student leaders make to their campus and community. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to nominate students for this program.

Student housing

Grenfell Campus is a living/learning community, as approximately one-half of students live on campus. Students can choose to live in a residence hall or in a chalet apartment. In the residences, all rooms are single with every two rooms forming a suite, in which two students share a fridge and bathroom. Each floor has a kitchen/lounge where students are encouraged to prepare meals and enjoy each other’s company. There is also a small food court on campus where students can purchase meals. The residences are equipped with a laundry facility, computer/study room and every residence bedroom is wired for Internet and digital telephone service. There are residence assistants (RAs) on each floor who are responsible for students on that floor. The RAs, together with the Residence Council and Student Housing staff, develop numerous social and educational programs and activities throughout the year.

Each of our chalet apartments provides accommodations for four students. These chalets are usually reserved for students in their second year and beyond. Each apartment has a living room, kitchen and one and one-half baths. Like the residence, however, each student has his or her own room. Individual phones and Internet ports are also provided.

The online student housing application is separate from the application for admission to the university and students are encouraged to apply early.

Grenfell Campus offers a room guarantee to all new students who apply for residence by March 1 and who have been accepted or provisionally accepted to the university. A $20 application fee is required.

Note: Some other conditions apply. Students are encouraged to check the housing website or contact the housing office: 709 637 6266.

For more detailed information or to complete an online application, visit:

Volunteer opportunities

Volunteering is an excellent way to improve your resumé and volunteer experience is a requirement for acceptance into many academic programs, including education, social work and medical school. For more information on campus and community volunteer opportunities, please view Grenfell Campus’s Student Volunteer Bureau link in the Learning Centre section of the Student Services website.