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Categories of Admission

The categories of admission and the admission criteria for each are provided in the following paragraphs. For full details, please consult the University Calendar. For advice regarding admission procedures, please contact the Admissions Office to speak with a staff member.

High School Students from Newfoundland and Labrador and other Canadian Provinces and Territories

Applicants must complete graduation requirements for high school as determined by the appropriate authority in their province. They must obtain credits in the subjects shown in the High School Equivalencies chart, with an overall average of  70 per cent or above. This average will be calculated using the grades received in those courses at the 3000 or Grade 12 level.

  • For students following the International Baccalaureate (IB) program, please refer to the IB Policy chart.
  • For students who will write Advanced Placement (AP) exams, please refer to the Advanced Placement Policy chart for the required scores necessary to attain university course credit.

Concurrent Studies

Applicants in, or about to enter, their final year of high school in Newfoundland and Labrador with a superior academic record (i.e. normally an overall average of 85 per cent or above) may apply to enrol in university courses during their final year of high school. The applicant for concurrent studies must be enrolled in a high school and completing a slate of courses that meets the course requirements for admission to the university as specified in High School Students from Newfoundland and Labrador and other Canadian Provinces and Territories section above.

College of the North Atlantic Comprehensive Arts and Science (CAS) Transition Year

Students who have graduated from high school at the academic level but who are not eligible for admission under a high school category may be eligible for admission under the College of the North Atlantic CAS Transition Year category under which students must complete all requirements for the CAS Transition Year Certificate, and be awarded the certificate,  from the College of the North Atlantic. A full outline of this program is included in the College of the North Atlantic calendar which is available online.

International High School Students

To be eligible for admission, international high school students must have graduated from a recognized university preparatory program with acceptable senior level courses in five subject areas. These normally include:

  • English
  • mathematics
  • laboratory science
  • social science/modern classical language
  • one other subject area

Admission requirements may vary depending on the educational system(s) in place in the applicant's country.

Adult Basic Education Program

Applicants shall have completed the Level III Adult Basic Education Certificate (ABE) with the approved combination of 36 credits set down by the Department of Education and shall have successfully completed the required courses with an overall average of not less than 70 per cent.

Mature Students

An applicant, 21 years of age or older within one month after the beginning of the semester or the session to which admission is being sought, who has not fulfilled the admission criteria outlined in any of the above categories may be admitted to the university with the approval of the University Committee on Admissions. For additional information contact

Special Admission

Where circumstances warrant, applicants who do not meet the regulations for final admission to the university under another category may be admitted to Memorial with the approval of the University Committee on Admissions.

Students attending the St. John's campus may contact for additional information.

Students applying to Grenfell Campus should contact