Social/Cultural Studies


Why study Social/Cultural Studies at Grenfell?

Grenfell's Social/Cultural Studies is expansive. In Grenfell's Social/Cultural Studies program, you'll encounter local and global issues, you’ll study communication and mass media, you’ll probe cultural practices, beliefs and customs, and the changing role of gender in culture. Are you interested in discrimination? Human rights? Music? We look at those too. We invite you into this vast interactive realm where culture and society are probed in their present-day and historical forms from three distinct and yet complementary perspectives:

  • Anthropology
  • Folklore
  • Sociology

These three areas share an emphasis on the personal experience of culture and rely on the ethnographic method – an approach that helps you understand the world from the perspective of the people you are studying.

There are opportunities for field research under the mentorship of your professors. You can study at our campus in Harlow, England, where you will have the opportunity to explore things such as the culture of architecture from rural housing to castles, and the significance of art and material culture. View a sample four-year schedule.

You will also have the opportunity to take courses such as:

  • Social inequalities
  • Cultural crises and the environment
  • Social and cultural aspects of health and illness
  • Graphic novel
  • Supernatural folklore

A fourth-year independent project will allow you to answer your own big question. Others have researched gender stereotyping in children’s literature and men who participate in recreational ballet, among others.


Career opportunities

There are many career opportunities for graduates of our social / cultural studies program, including:

  • Social research
  • Governmental and non-governmental organizations
  • Social policy
  • Healthcare and medicine (e.g. Occupational health and safety)
  • Community and rural development
  • Public relations
  • Law
  • Education
  • Journalism
  • Cultural heritage preservation and promotion
  • Cultural tourism
  • Social work
  • Human resources
  • Criminology/Policing

Sample program for first year

Sample program

Fall SemesterWinter Semester
English 1000English 1001
electivedesignated quantitative reasoning and analysis (QRA) course
Folklore 1000Anthropology 1031
Sociology 1000

3 credit hours in electives

Social/Cultural Studies 2000

3 credit hours in electives









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