Resource Management


The Bachelor of Resource Management (BRM) is an interdisciplinary degree that requires students to complete 120 credit hours subject to Grenfell’s core program and specific BRM requirements.

Specific BRM requirements include:

  • 84 credit hours in core program requirements
  • six credit hours in first year English courses
  • 30 credit hours in academic electives.

Students may apply for admission directly from highschool by indicating this in the appropriate place on their Undergraduate Application for Admission/Readmission.

Direct admission from high school is subject to the applicant’s final acceptance to the university.


Career Opportunities

Possible career opportunities for students pursuing the BRM include but are not limited to:

  • environmental consulting
  • wildlife biology
  • international development specialist
  • natural resources policy analyst
  • fisheries scientist

Course available in first year

Sustainable Resource Management 2000
Sustainable Resource Management I: Marine and Terrestrial Environments is an introduction to the interdisciplinary field of sustainable resource management, including marine and terrestrial environments. The course focuses on sustainable practices rather than profit or resource extraction optimization. First Nations’ perspectives will also be considered.
Lectures: Three hours per week
Prerequisite: Geography 1050

Sample program for first year

Sample program

Students in the BRM program would normally take the following courses in their first year:

Fall SemesterWinter Semester
English 1000English 1001
Geography 1050SRM 2000
Environmental Studies 1000elective






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