Freedom, beauty, justice, good (and evil). Great ideas that have helped shaped different cultures and eras. What it means to be human.

The four-year BA in Humanities will take you on a process of intellectual discovery and personal development like no other.


Why study Humanities at Grenfell?

The Grenfell Campus Humanities Program is one of only five such programs in Canada. The program offers an intimate supportive learning community with an abundance of personal attention through small classes and a mentoring program.

Through past and present works of literature, history, philosophy, visual art, and music and other disciplines, students will come to understand how we define ourselves against and in terms of our traditions.


In addition, students will:

  • learn useful skills in analysis and communications
  • refine thinking and become more open to other perspectives, ideas and cultures
  • develop the confidence and creativity needed in our ever-changing world


Career opportunities

Because our program is one of only five Humanities programs in Canada, our students can distinguish themselves from other BAs in their applications to grad school, law school, medicine, MBA programs or any other field of study. Some graduates do not proceed to a second degree but work in government (policy analysis, program development), media, the non-profit sector or business and industry.

Today's employers want employees who can see issues, problems and challenges from many different perspectives and are good at lateral thinking and developing creative solutions. Humanities graduates are well-placed for these opportunities.

Courses available in first year

Humanities 1001
Humanities and the Contemporary World (available only at Grenfell Campus) is a study of the relevance of humanities disciplines and texts to contemporary forms and practices such as movies, popular music, television, comic books, graphic novels, professional sports, etc. This course will also focus on the mastery of composition skills.
Lectures: Three hours per week
Prerequisite: None
Note: This course is a designated writing course.

Humanities 1002
Texts that Changed the World (available only at Grenfell Campus) is a study of humanities texts which have helped to shape Western civilization.
Lectures: Three hours per week
Prerequisite: English 1000 or Humanities 1001
Note: This course is a designated writing course.

Sample program for first year

Students pursuing a humanities major will normally take the following courses in their first year:

Sample program

Fall SemesterWinter Semester
English 1000English 1001
Humanities 1001Humanities 1002
second language or electivesecond language or elective







Contact information

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