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Why study General Science at Grenfell?

Science is about the origins of Earth and the understanding of the complex relationships between all its elements. It’s knowledge of plants and animals. It explains how a plane flies or a house is built – it’s the foundation of our lives. Grenfell’s general science degree program is unlike any other degree in Canada. It recognizes the unique scientific foundation that comes from a triple concentration.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of the program, you’ll have a large number of course offerings to choose from. You’ll be led in classrooms by academics from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise. Determining your concentrations will help you to define more clearly what your course load will look like.

To qualify for the degree, students must complete core requirements as well as requirements for the major. Students must complete a general science core and must choose three of the following streams: biology, chemistry, Earth systems, mathematics and physics.


Career opportunities

There is a variety of career opportunities for graduates of the general science program, including:

  • education
  • science and laboratory technician
  • medicine and related areas
  • law

Sample program for first year

Students pursuing a general science major through a B.Sc. degree will normally take the following courses in their first year:

Sample program

Fall SemesterWinter Semester
Mathematics 1000 (or 1090)Mathematics 1001 (or 1000)
English 1000English 1001
Physics 1020 or 1050Physics 1021 or 1051
first of two courses in a second laboratory science*second of two courses in a second laboratory science*
first of two courses in a third laboratory science*second of two courses in a third laboratory science*


* Laboratory sciences must be chosen from the following:
  • Biology 1001, 1002
  • Chemistry 1200 (or 1810**), Chemistry 1001 (or 1200)
  • Earth Sciences 1000, 1002
** Students taking Chemistry 1810/1200 in the Fall and Winter semesters must take Chemistry 1001 in Intersession to complete first-year requirements.

  1. The same laboratory science selected in the Fall semester has to be completed in the Winter semester, i.e., if you complete Biology 1001 in the Fall semester you must complete Biology 1002 in the Winter semester.
  2. Students who complete their first year at St. John’s campus must complete Chemistry 1010/1011 before transferring to Grenfell Campus. Students who complete 1050/1051 before transferring will have a wider choice of second-year chemistry courses.

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