What is business?

Business affects every aspect of society and the skills learned here will help students succeed in a wide variety of career paths. Graduates of the program have the ability to occupy positions of leadership in the private and public sectors provincially, nationally and internationally. They build successful careers in diverse fields such as:

  • accounting
  • advertising and marketing
  • arts and events management
  • banking and investment
  • entrepreneurship
  • environment and sustainability
  • financial analysis
  • human resources
  • information systems
  • management consulting
  • not-for-profit leadership
  • project management


Why study business?

Studies in business will provide the knowledge and real-world experience students need to become leaders in their chosen fields and make a positive impact on the world. They will develop skills in critical thinking, explore today’s challenging economic and social issues, learn from top faculty members and use state-of-the-art technologies.

The BBA is excellent preparation for a wide variety of career opportunities, which could include (but are not limited to):

  • personal finance, banking and insurance
  • purchasing and accounting
  • marketing, public relations and sales
  • business and economic development
  • human resources management
  • labour and industrial relations
  • self-employment


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

To qualify for the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) at Grenfell Campus, students must complete 120 credit hours subject to core program and specific BBA program requirements.

Specific BBA requirements include:

  • 72 credit hours in core program requirements
  • 15 credit hours to satisfy program’s business elective requirements
  • 33 credit hours in elective courses to make up the total of 120 credit hours

Students may choose to complete a minor program from the Division of Arts, Science, or Social Science, although a minor is not required.

Sample program for first year

Regardless of the concentration area chosen, all business students will normally take the following courses in their first year:

Sample program

Fall SemesterWinter Semester
Mathematics 1052 or 1000*non-business elective* 
English 1000English 1110
Economics 1010Economics 1020
Business 1010Business 1020
non-business electivenon-business elective


* Students choosing to complete Mathematics 1000 may be required to complete Mathematics 1090 as a prerequisite.

Courses available in first year

Business 1010
Introduction to Business provides students with an overview of Business in the Canadian environment, with a focus on the economic and business systems, as well as major social, technological, and global trends. The course introduces students to the fundamental concepts related to many functional areas of business such as human resource management, marketing, production, operations management, accounting, and financial management. Emphasis is placed on relating course material to current events in the business world, as well as helping students acquire critical and analytical thinking skills.
Lectures: Three hours per week
Prerequisite: None
Note: Students may not receive credit for Business 1000 and 1010.

Business 1020
Introduction to Entrepreneurship is designed to give students a broad understanding of the field of entrepreneurship, the role that entrepreneurship plays in society, and the importance of small business in Canada. Topics will include the nature and theories of entrepreneurship, the characteristics and behaviours of entrepreneurs, and the entrepreneurial process in small and large firms. Students will get to think and act in a creative manner, engage with local entrepreneurs, and evaluate their own entrepreneurial skill set. Students will learn entrepreneurial, technical and communication skills that will be useful in any organizational setting
Lectures: Three hours per week
Prerequisite: None
Note: Students may not receive credit for Business 1020 and 1600.


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