THE ADVISOR Newsletter

THE ADVISOR, published three times annually, provides high school guidance counsellors, teachers and principals relevant and timely information about admissions to Memorial and first-year studies.


The Counsellor's Handbook

Produced by the Office of Student Recruitment, the handbook offers guidance counsellors a great overview of university programs, admissions requirements, tuition, scholarships and services. 

Receiving credit for university courses 

Students coming into Memorial can receive university credit for courses completed while they are still in high school.

These are the types of courses usually available to high school students for credit:

Math placement at Memorial

A student’s success in university mathematics depends on their background and level of mathematics skills.

Eligibility for registration in a first-year mathematics course depends upon the highest level of mathematics completed in high school, the grade earned in that course, and the results achieved in a standardized test such as the MPT.

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