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The ADVISOR Newsletter, Fall 2013

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The staff at the Academic Advising Centre looks forward to connecting with you, our valued partners, during this academic year. For those who are new to the guidance profession, we look forward to meeting you and providing the information you need to advise your students in preparing for their transition to Memorial University.

The purpose of this newsletter, The Advisor, is to provide guidance professionals in high schools with the most current information and to highlight any changes that will have an impact on future students. Produced three times annually, the newsletter has proved to be both helpful and informative to high school guidance counselors.

We welcome your comments and suggestions on how we might better meet your needs in serving students. Please email if you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding the information contained in this, and future, issues. 

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TEL:  709-864-8801


Science (SN) 4053:  Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.




Students must achieve a passing mark in each of the following Grade 12 academic or advanced-level subjects with an overall average of not less than 70 per cent compiled from the grades received in the courses selected:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Laboratory Science (one of biology, chemistry, earth systems or physics)
  • Social science or modern or classical language
  • Elective

Memorial University offers admission to all applicants who meet the minimum criteria for general admission. The deadline to submit your application for the fall semester is March 1. Applications received after this time will be processed as time and space permits.


Please note that certain courses may be substituted for specific general admission requirements. Please contact the Admissions Office directly at for further information. 

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Download a PDF copy of the Counsellor Handbook



All applicants are encouraged to use Memorial’s online application for admission. Benefits of using the online application include:

  • Sustainability/reduced use of paper
  • Availability of links to supplementary forms and information
  • Accuracy and completeness of application (delays prevented)
  • Currency of program choices and application information
  • Online access to application and admission status
  • Convenience
  • Student housing applications

Students who are interested in living on campus should note that there is a separate application process for student housing.  Students must apply online or submit a paper application form before February 28, 2013.

Admission Inquiries

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It is always a good idea to consult the University Diary for a full list of relevant dates. You may also wish to refer to the Office of the Registrar's Relevant Dates section for information about registration dates and times.



As a follow up to the early offer process in April 2013, we recently awarded approximately 700 entrance scholarships valued at $1,287,000 for 2013 – 2014. 

Warren and Catherine Ball Memorial Entrance Scholarship

Valued at $7,500 annually and renewable for an additional four years ($30,000 in total) if first class and scholarship standing are maintained. This year’s recipients were:

  • Claire Skanes, St. John’s
  • Sonali Verma, Stephenville
  • Evan Wheeler, Corner Brook 

Memorial University of Newfoundland Alumni Entrance Scholarship

Valued at $5,000 and renewable for an additional four years ($25,000 in total) if first class and scholarship standing are maintained. This year’s recipients were:

  • Erica Hayward, Mount Pearl
  • Joshua Lehr, St. John’s
  • Alycia Leonard, St. Philip’s
  • Jessica O’Brien, L’Anse Au Loup
  • Michael O’Keefe, St. John’s

Dr. Leslie Harris Memorial University Alumni Association Scholarship

Valued at $4,000 annually and renewable for an additional three years ($16,000 in total) if first class and scholarship standing are maintained. This year’s recipients were:

  • Jennifer Bennett, Pasadena
  • Caileigh Callahan, Bonavista
  • Kristen Peckford, Lewisporte
  • Devin Percey, Colliers
  • Bethany Power, Lourdes
  • Hilary Strong, St. John’s
  • Sarah Williams, St. John’s

Fifty (50) scholarships valued at $3,000 each (17% of these were to students from outside the province as part of ongoing initiatives to attract top students from other provinces to Memorial University)

Four hundred (400) scholarships valued at $2,000 each to students with final admission averages of 90% or higher

Two hundred and fifty (250) scholarships valued at $1,000 each (approximately 60% of these were general entrance scholarships awarded to students with final admission averages of 88% - 89.9% and the remainder were named entrance scholarships).

Memorial continues to match the provincial government scholarships (Provincial Electoral District Scholarships, Centenary of Responsible Government Scholarships, Junior Jubilee Scholarships and the Constable W.C. Moss Scholarship) for those recipients attending Memorial who did not receive another scholarship of equal or higher value from the university. The 2013 – 2014 winners of these scholarships will be announced shortly.

The university also continues the program that allows students attending the Comprehensive Arts & Science Transfer: College-University Program at College of the North Atlantic to defer their scholarship to Fall 2014 when they register as full-time students at Memorial. Approximately 21 of our entrance scholarships were deferred to 2014 – 2015 under this program.

We also award automatic scholarships to first year students at Marine Institute who are planning to complete degree programs. As a result of these and other initiatives we hope to continue to see our best and brightest stay in the province for their undergraduate studies.

The Scholarships and Awards Office would like to congratulate all our 2013 – 2014 scholarship winners and the teachers and parents who played a role in their success. We wish them continued success in their first year at Memorial.

We would also like to send a special thank-you to all the schools who participated in our scholarship program this past year. We will be counting on your support and involvement again during the school year as we work towards allocating the 2014 – 2015 scholarships. Furthermore, we look forward to your continued support as we review and possibly modify the entrance scholarship program for future years. We will keep you updated on any anticipated changes.

Have a good year!

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First Year Success is a program offered on the St. John’s campus for students who are concerned about making the transition to university, want to improve their odds at academic success and may be undecided about what program they would like to do.

The program is a full-time, first-year experience, supporting students across both semesters. All courses are for credit and designed to furnish students with the skills required for future academic success.

Ten courses are offered to students over two semesters – just like any standard first-year program. The program includes core First Year Success courses that are capped at 30 students in each class.

The core courses are University 1010 and University 2020 that teach the skills required to be an effective university student and Arts 1500 that is dedicated to teaching the writing skills required for post-secondary success. Students also have the option of taking Math 1090 in a small class setting or choose another Math course in a standard-sized class.

In addition to these cohort courses students take English 1080 and Psychology 1000/1001 in standard-sized classes, but with the benefit of small-class tutorials. To complete their first year program students have a choice of electives. The courses are mapped out in such a way that they flow nicely into the second year of academic study for most programs.

This program is supplemented by a university-wide support system including a comprehensive academic and career advising program, dedicated tutors, and strengthened math and writing help centres.

First Year Success is a community where students are encouraged to engage with their peers and their instructors, as well as their advisors and tutors.


The number of spaces available in the First Year Success Program is limited. Students can indicate their interest in the program by sending an email to or by speaking with an academic advisor during high school visits.  An advisor will review the program with them and give the information they will need to register for the FYS courses.

Visit us online at  Contact the FYS team at   or phone 709-864-8416.

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The Establishing Student Relationships Program (ESRP) focuses on supporting prospective students and easing their transition to university life.

The ESRP reaches out to prospective students by contacting them through phone calls, emails and live chat during the months leading up to their first semester at Memorial.

Applicants are provided with important information regarding the application process, registration procedures, course selection, Memorial’s programs of study and housing.

Applicants are also given the chance to ask any questions they may have when contacted, or may voice concerns through email at or MUNLive, our live chat portal. 

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Memorial continues to provide high school students with an opportunity to enroll in university courses during the final year of high school.

This is an excellent opportunity for high school students with superior academic records (i.e., an overall average of 85 per cent or above in completed English, math and science courses at the 2000 or 3000 level ) and the availability of space in their schedule to get an early start on courses that will enhance their understanding of the university experience.

To be considered for admission under the concurrent studies category, students must complete an application for Admission to Memorial, pay the appropriate fee, and provide the following supporting documentation:

  • A letter requesting to be considered for enrolment in a specific course and providing a list of final year course registrations;
  • An official high school transcript;
  • A letter of recommendation from their high school principal or guidance counsellor

Note: Enrolment for concurrent studies students is normally limited to three credit hours (one course) per semester in the Fall or Winter semesters only. Courses may be completed by distance and all general University regulations governing registration and fees apply.

For additional information, contact

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Admission to selected faculties, schools and programs is limited. These programs may have additional application and admission criteria beyond those set out for general admission.

In such cases, separate faculty/school application forms may be required along with the general application for admission to the university.

The following table outlines the application deadlines for limited entry programs that are available for direct entry from high school. All but engineering require the submission of a supplementary application form in order to complete the application process.

The supplementary application for those marked * are provided within the online application for admission. Otherwise, the supplementary forms are paper or PDF forms that must be submitted separately. Links to PDF copies of these are provided within the online general application for admission/readmission.

  • Music* - January 15
  • Engineering - March 1
  • Kinesiology, Physical Education, Recreation - March 1
  • Nursing* - March 1
  • Fine Arts (Theatre) - March 31
  • Fine Arts (Visual) - March 1

Students can apply for admission to the following programs of study when completing the university’sgeneral application foradmission: arts, business administration, commerce(Term A/B) and science. These have no additional application or admission requirements beyond those for general admission to the university.

Requirements for Nursing

Applicants are required to meet the general admission requirements of Memorial University of Newfoundland and must submit two applications by the March 1st deadline:  a Memorial application as well as a Nursing application.

A minimum overall average of 80 per cent is required for students to be competitive for direct admission.

High school science courses must include Biology 2201 and 3201 as well as Chemistry 3202 along with English 3201, math 3200 or 3201 (3204 or 3205)*, and 2 credits at the 3000 level in either Social Science or a modern language.

Nursing will be hosting an information session this fall as well as in the winter, along with a teleconference session this fall for students who are interested in applying to Nursing. Nursing will also be launching a new Nursing Admissions website in the very near future!

For more information on Nursing, please contact the Nursing Consortium Office at:

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Early general admission is available to all applicants who are currently attending high school or a program at another recognized post-secondary institution if they have or are completing a high school program that meets the subject area requirements for admission.

Admission will be offered based upon unofficial transcripts or confirmation of courses completed and registrations. However, applicants from high schools in other Canadian provinces are encouraged to provide an interim transcript, including current course registrations, at the time that the original application is submitted so that the applicability of courses for the subject area requirements can be confirmed and an early admission average may be calculated.

Interim grade reports, which reflect an applicant’s current academic progress, are also required to complete applications for admission to the Bachelor of Nursing program. Transcripts and grade reports must come directly from the issuing authority to Memorial University's Undergraduate Admissions Office.

Final official transcripts are required for all applicants directly following the release of high school results. It is the applicant’s responsibility to request these transcripts and they should be sent directly to the Office of the Registrar (Admissions Office) from the school or issuing agency.

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Memorial will hold information sessions for prospective students and their families in Nova Scotia and Ontario during the coming weeks.

November 25-28 in Ontario
  • Kingston
  • Kanata
  • Ottawa
  • Mississauga

December 1-5 in Nova Scotia

  • The Valley
  • Halifax
  • Bridgewater

December 1-2 in Ontario

  • Oshawa
  • Guelph
  • London
  • Kitchener

Specific locations and dates are currently being finalized. To get updated details on these information sessions visit: 

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The Glenn Roy Blundon Centre assists Memorial students by facilitating access to information, services and campus facilities in accordance with the Accommodations for Students with Disabilities Policy.

The Blundon Centre, a division of the University Counselling Centre (Student Affairs and Services), was established at Memorial University in February 1992. It is dedicated to the memory of the Blundon Centre, a former Memorial student and resident of Bay de Verde, Newfoundland.

Glenn is remembered for his leadership and his commitment to equality and accessibility issues. The mission of the Blundon Centre is to provide and co-ordinate programs and services that enable students with disabilities to maximize their educational potential and to increase awareness of inclusive values among all members of the university community.

The Centre carries out its mission in collaboration with faculty, staff and students at Memorial University and off- campus agencies, including disability community organizations.The Centre serves prospective and current students on the St. John’s campus whose disabilities impact mobility, vision, hearing, learning, physical or mental health. Support is also provided to students with documented temporary illnesses and injuries.

New students are encouraged to contact the Blundon Centre at least six weeks before registration to discuss their accommodation request. Delays in notifying or disclosing a disability for which accommodation is sought may result in a request not being processed in time for the commencement of the term or course in which the accommodation is being sought.

Contact Information
: (709) 864-2156
Fax: (709) 864-3011
TTY: (709) 864-4763

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The Academic Advising Centre is responsible for easing the transition from high school to university for entering students and ensuring that all students obtain sound and accurate academic information and advice.

The AAC assists prospective students as well as those who are in their first year of studies, are undecided about which program of study they wish to pursue, uncertain of their academic goals, are thinking about exploring new academic opportunities, or face potential academic prejudice.

Contact Information

The Academic Advising Centre
Memorial University
Science Building, Room SN4053
St. John's, NL A1B 3X9
: 709-864-8801
Fax: 709-864-2404

Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.


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